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7 Shifts You Need to Make to Go from $0 to a 6-Figure Product Launch!

business money Apr 16, 2019

Are you spinning your wheels?  Have you had a 0-figure product launch? Or experienced a product launch only enrolled 1 person?

YUP!  I think we have all been there, and I am no exception!

It took me months and years of fine-tuning my product launch strategy to finally get crystal clear on what exactly made the difference and created consistent growth, launches, and income!

Today I want to break down the 5 CORE SHIFTS that truly make the difference in my business.

7 Shifts You Need to Make to Go from $0 to a 6-Figure Product Launch!

These shifts are truly my secret momentum creators.  They ultimately allowed me to make $20,000 in sales in just one day!

SHIFT 1 - Stop thinking that the people you look up to are better than you!

I get it.  They’re further down the road from you.  They’ve got big things happening, and you are just getting started.  Your product launch so far has been subpar, and you are frustrated.

Stop comparing yourself to what they are doing, taking their actions and replicating them with your own content/ideas.

Be willing to stand in your unique power and DO BUSINESS YOUR WAY!

Let me make this super clear, and use an online business icon as an example.

Say you have an online course that you want to launch, you want to figure out how to launch successfully so you start watching Amy Porterfield.

You see that ALL she really does is: run webinars, build a list, pitch, sell.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

And she does it amazingly well. - and it works FOR HER.

BUT here is the thing: you can also have a successful product launch without ever doing webinars!  Are webinars not your thing? - THEN DON’T DO THEM!

I think Amy Porterfield is amazing and deserves the success she has achieved.  She provides tons of value to her audience and has a solid strategy - I am not saying she doesn’t.

What I am saying is it won’t work for everyone and the danger happens when you watch what she is doing and feels like you HAVE to replicate her exact strategy in your business, whether it feels right for you or not.


Personal example:

I am launching a unique hybrid program - “The Launch Accelerator” - that is unlike any other program that I’ve ever seen.  It kicks-off with an in-person, 2 day retreat where you can clear all distractions, show up for yourself, create your strategy 1:1 with me and my team, AND a whole group of like-minded women. THEN you get an 8-week passive course and FB group to solidify and repeat over and over again!

I decided to do things my way with this course, and while unconventional, I am so excited about the way I’m doing things and what lies ahead.  When we are honest with ourselves and how we want our lives and businesses to look, we experience joy, not stress!


There will be many times where you hit a block and begin to question your methods, your ideas, your value, and your vision.  Self-doubt and insecurities where you question your value and self worth will always pop up (no matter what level of business you are at - sorry #RealTalk).

But you need to realize that nothing will go as planned - but if you hold the vision you WILL achieve the results you want. You just need to open yourself up to a different way of reaching that goal.

Don’t settle, don’t question yourself - be willing to make shifts as you go and hold the vision until the very end.

Personal Example:

On day 1 of my biggest launch yet, I opened up my inbox to an out-of-the-blue email from a very happy client who decided that she was backing out of my 1:1 coaching program.

Let me say, in full transparency, this girl and I had a great relationship and had already made her full investment back and then some.  She had never brought up a single concern, and then BAM just walked out….

I say this not to air dirty laundry and won’t get into the details - but I want you to first of all realize that stuff like this happens to ALL levels of coaches and “business experts” that you look up to.

But, in regards to launching, this was also an important example to provide you where I chose to stay strong, not allow this to knock me off my game during a launch day, and I absolutely REFUSED to allow it to bring up old insecurities that would have instantly cropped up - I stayed on my game by holding my vision of 100 women joining me and making massive strides in their business through my product launch of “The Launch Accelerator.”


I used to come up with an idea and be so excited that I would script it out, create a sales page, and launch it all within a few days.

This didn’t give me time to even wrap my own mind around the vision, create trust in it, or automate and iron out any details.

I was setting myself up for overwhelm, burnout, and therefore failure by not planning ahead.

Launches are often synonymous with crazy work hours, chaotic weeks, and a million moving pieces.  That is definitely the norm, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR norm.

Having a plan, schedule, automations set up, systems in place, and a team to support you will make a dramatic shift in your launch which in turn will empower you to show up energized, motivated, and consistent!


You don’t have to have a team for your first launch - but it is absolutely imperative if you want to scale your business.

I will tell you right now, that it is one of the scariest steps you will take in your business but it will absolutely empower you to up-level your business in ways that you haven’t even considered yet.

The ripple effects of hiring a team that can support you and help you carry your vision is beyond what words can describe.

5 - The 6 Figure Launch Calendar

This is the shift that allowed me to make 100k in 90 days!

This is a key ingredient to having your product launch PLANNED OUT!

It is a simple strategy that allows you to break everything down in steps - starting with your income goal.

First: start with your income goal, and for clarity sake let’s say that this year your goal is to create $100,000

$100,000 can seem overwhelming, but let’s then break it down into 3 launches. - $33,333 doesn’t seem nearly as out of reach.

Let’s say your first product launch goal is $30,000 and you have a $300 product.

30,000 divided by $300 = 100 people. SUPER DOABLE!

Breaking this down and working it backwards not only decreases the overwhelm of it but it gives you very tangible goals that you can aim for, and hold the vision for.

(hint - do you see everything tying together?)

6 - Stop attaching your self-worth to your sales.

The most overlooked part of launching that holds you back from your full sales earning potential.

We have alllllllll done this!

But, your self-worth is not reflected in your sales, your numbers, your success, or anything else that your brain (ego) will try to say it is!

This is why mindset is so very important, especially during launches and upleveling your business, sister!

Showing up is half the battle BUT it’s not the winning half -regardless of what some pretty Instagram graphic says.

I know there have been days, weeks, months, of you showing up every. Single. Day. but you still don’t hit your goals.

The winning half of this battle is HOW you show up and the ACTIONS you take!!! #MicDrop

Seriously!  I know this because just a short time ago I showed up to my marriage, my family, my church, and my business every single day - with complaints on my lips and resentment in my heart…. And then wondering why nothing changed!

Not my proudest moments…

The shift of showing up like Queen Jessie by prioritising my mindset, my actions, my thoughts and my beliefs and THEN SHOWING UP as the person I wanted and needed to be!

This person has to be the person who is holding the vision, enjoying the process, and detaching my personal value from the results.


I know that it is VERY tempting to set goals and aim for goals, and think that they are the thing to strive for.  But, I encourage you to learn to pursue growth as the most important thing; personally, professionally, and DAILY.

This is the thing I held on to that led me to crossing the 6-figure mark!

There are daily tasks you need to do if you want to stay on track in your life, business, and goals!

Some of you may think this is a little to WOO - but I know just how important this is and will keep talking about it until it sinks in for you, just the way that my mentors did for me as well!

You hold the answers, you know what you need, you have the skills, the gifts, the (fill in the blank) that you need to be successful.

But you keep looking everywhere else rather than inside of yourself!

The law of attraction means that you need to ask what you want, hold the vision, tune into your own frequency, lean into the your unique skills and power, and then ALLOW the success to come in.

I only know how to grow your life and business in harmony with each other and believe you can’t achieve success in one while the other is a mess.

Growth needs to be a priority over your goals.

You can’t grow to reach your goals without investing time, money, and energy into yourself.

This can look like books, podcasts, meditating, mindset work, healthy living, coaching, etc.

Never stop growing and you will be amazed at the goals that you can achieve!


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