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How to Close the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

business life mindset Apr 10, 2019

When you think about your business, are you where you want to be yet?  Have you created something that is flowing exactly how you want it to, or is there still a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

This is something that comes up as a pain point with my readers all the time.

People ask me what I do and my simple answer is this: I am the bridge that helps you get from your current reality to the vision that you have for yourself.

I do this by offering high impact strategies for automation, delegation, and systematization as well as strategy, marketing, and crafting your perfect offer.

Are you ready to build your bridge to close the gap and make your business everything you want it to be?

How to Close the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Like many of the women I talk to, I am sure that you have this big, amazing dream on your heart.  I believe that we all actually do - but we have been trained to become complacent with the status quo and to limit our dreams.

This leads to hopelessness and a feeling of being stuck.

You lack the motivation that you need because you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and envious of the people who have found the way to be where you really want to be.

These feelings all build up in us when we turn a blind eye to that burning desire and ignore the dream that has been placed on our heart.

I believe that God puts these desires on our hearts to motivate us, but we repeatedly use our power to fight it rather than pursue.  Frustration, overwhelm, and a lack of motivation all begin to build up in us, so we never end up pursuing our passion or living our purpose.

Today I want to provide you with simple steps to get out of your head, into the driver’s seat, and onto the road to creating the business you desire.

The business of your dreams is not out of reach and it doesn’t have to be hard!

Step 1: Choose Your Tribe

Surround yourself with people in every area of your life that are going to uplift, support, and encourage you on your journey.

This is so important as an entrepreneur because the average person in your life likely doesn’t “get it.”  They don’t understand why good enough isn’t good enough for you. They don’t understand why you are “chasing a pipe dream.”  They think you are a dreamer and aren’t grounded in reality.

Surrounding yourself with other driven, motivated, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and especially other women or moms that actually get you, your dreams, and your busy mama life, is so powerful in helping you feel like you can successfully get to the place you are determined to reach.

Step 2: Create more than you consume.

STOP over-consuming the content of others!

This quickly leads you to comparisonitis.  You will question if you can make something as good as these other people are putting out… it will lead to you question why you should create something if someone else has already done something similar.

You’ll probably also question how you can ever get from where you are today to where they are currently.

Comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle is not constructive and will cause you to doubt yourself.

Instead, you need to get out of your own way and start putting your amazingness out there already!

Creating content and getting it out into the world is the fastest way for you to grow, to feel confident in your abilities, to start building an audience, and, most importantly, to begin creating the momentum that is vital to your success.

Step 3: Consume Content Selectively

If you are going to consume content, ensure that it is instilling skills, lessons, and traits into you that will help you along your journey.

Great options include leadership books, marketing books, podcasts that teach you skills and actionable tasks to move you forward on your journey.

This is a much different consumption journey than consuming content that is from a provider in the same niche as your own.

The only content I consume most days are books - either hardcopy or, #momlife, audible books. Some of my current favorite authors include John C. Maxwell, Elena Cardone, Michelle Obama, Lori Harding, Rachel Hollis, etc.

Step 4: Start taking momentum-creating actions.

Ditch the “busy” work and start putting your full focus behind needle moving actions that truly get you closer to your business goals.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but trust me…completing one momentum-creating task a day will create more success over the next 30-60 days than 10 “busy” tasks a day ever will.

These tasks are typically a lot of work, are not that fun, and your mind will tempt you to switch to various other things to do.

Sister - don’t do it!

I want to encourage you today to make a commitment to yourself to go all in on momentum-creating tasks for the next 60 days and see where it can take you!

I promise you’ll be amazed!

Step 5: Involve someone else in your journey.

I highly recommend you hire a part-time team member as soon as you can in your business journey.

While your instinct may say to be a penny-pincher when you are just starting out in business, having a team member is such a benefit!  A great team member not only supports you, but also depends on your success so that they can attain theirs, too. Ultimately, they hold you accountable, and we all need that in our businesses!

Involving someone else encourages you to show up on the days you don’t really want to.

I hired a team member at the very beginning of this business journey, because I knew it would motivate me like nothing else.

And, guess what?  I was right….

You CAN Close the Gap and Build the Business of Your Dreams

If you put these 4 simple steps into action I am confident that you will dramatically improve your business journey!

But, if you are still feeling stuck and not sure just what you need to do to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, then I encourage you to check out my FREE Millionaire Mompreneur Roadmap.

It provides you with my exact process for building a 5-figure business in just 30 days!

Click here to get your roadmap!

The mindset, strategies, actions, and launch are often the things that most people overlook in their business.  So, figure out your plan, be ready to leap into action (not over-thinking), and I am confident that your the gap will begin to close!

You got this!


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