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Do you feel overwhelmed?  

There is no shame in that!  It was truly not that long ago when I seriously considered quitting my business.  I couldn’t figure out why it was just so dang hard!

The truth was that I was making it that hard!

I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get MY kids to help more, I couldn’t get things to run more smoothly, and I felt like I was drowning.  I allowed myself to get to the point where I was almost ready to quit it all.

3 things that were contributing to my overwhelm:

It seems so simple now looking back, but in the moment I couldn't see the problem.  I couldn't see that I was the one making it hard by putting too many expectations on myself, not getting out of my own way, and allowing these three things to prevent me from delegating and automating things in my life:

  • Pride
  • Fear
  • Control


Pride is a tricky little trap.  It feels good to be told you seem to have it all together, "I don't know how you do it all!", and feeling like I was single handedly holding it all together and dang-it shining at the same time.

But inside, I was drowning.


Specifically fear of what others would think if I needed help.  

We live in a small town and that seriously impacted me for a while.  What would people think if I hired a cleaning lady? Would they think we made way too much money, would they think I was incapable, spoilt even? - Honestly, I had to get to the point where I decided it was none of their business and their thoughts about me were none of my business! 

You stay out of my business and I will stay out of yours, m'kay?


Raise your hand if your that mama that dies a little inside when you watch your hubby load the dishwasher, your kids stuff freshly folded laundry into the drawer, and more often feel that things will be done better and faster if you just do it yourself.

Yup, that was me!

I would want to ask for help but then would go back and fix things, redo them altogether and micro manage the whole process.  

Honestly, that is more exhausting than just doing it myself! I had to learn to let go of the perfectionism and control and trust that others could manage just fine.

Overcoming these 3 hurdles was spurred on by reaching my wits end.  If you have been there, you know exactly what I am talking about!

Life sometimes has a way of getting us to a point where we need to accept the fact that we can’t do it all, we need help.

I couldn’t spend quality time with 4 kids, clean the house, feed the dog, run the 3 businesses, manage employees, cook, keep the house consistently tidy incase someone dropped in… you get the picture. I could not do it all. Not well and not without sacrificing my sanity in the process!

Automation & delegation in the home

Let's get one thing straight: I don’t want you to think for one minute that you will not still be super woman or super mom when you reach out and ask for help.

In fact, that is exactly what makes you super!

Living in survival mode for any length of time is not going to create a quality life for you, your spouse or your children, and never mind the quality of business output!

Girlfriend, ask for help!

Set rules and boundaries for every day tasks and chores.

Kids! Am I right? 

I have 4 - ages 7, 5, 3 and 1! So, setting boundaries was key to reducing the workload. There is a never ending pile of laundry, dishes, toys, etc.  Kids have this obsession about getting out every toy, changing 485,497 times a day, and using a new cup for every sip of water.  

We navigate this in our house by:

Setting ground rules

  • One outfit per day unless you get really dirty
  • One cup for the day
  • And Lord help me baby, why do you need two knives to cut a sandwich?
    I don’t think so! Go put that second one back! - Love ya xo.

Figure out what your kids can help with

Let go of the control and understand that yes you will have to explain and teach them, but it will be worth it!  This will allow your kids to learn valuable life skills, they will gain confidence, and they feel accomplished and proud of helping with the family.

Our kids bring out their own dirty laundry to the laundry room every morning, help to fold clean laundry, and put it back away in their own drawers.

Every morning and every night they feed and water the dogs and let them out to do their business

Our kids also help bring in and put away groceries

And lastly, they also have a morning routine:  Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, brush their teeth and tidy their rooms.

The try to figure it out first before you ask rule

My older kids know that if you are loading the dishwasher and it is full, don’t ask if you have to run the dishwasher… it is full. Go ahead and start it!


Cleaning lady

We have a large house, that I am super thankful for, and it is a lot to keep on top of! 

I was losing out on family time and quality time with the family and kids by spending every evening trying to clean different areas of the house so that it was all kept clean and tidy each week.

Hiring a person to help clean my house was amazing! 

Outsourcing to me basically means buying back my time by hiring someone else to do tasks.  My time is valuable and paying to get time back is really important. It is our one nonrenewable resource.

I love the fact that I am now able to help someone else make money doing something they enjoy. - I feel like it is a win win.


There are so many great options out there for this!

Hello Fresh is the one that instantly comes to mind for quick, healthy, pre-prepped meals.

Depending on where you live, you may also be able to order your groceries online and have them delivered from you local store straight to your house!

I do not drag all four kids out to the grocery store anymore, and honestly it's heavenly to not have that experience on a weekly basis!


Hiring a babysitter for a few hours a week was a game changer for me!

It was one of the hugely pivotal decisions that allowed me to work fewer hours while increasing our businesses.

Let me explain why:

Does this sound like a typical day to you?

Start working, get interrupted, start laundry, get interrupted, start working, hold the baby, clean a spill, forget what I was working on, start over….

It takes so much energy to switch from task to task and then you feel like you have gone all out, all day long, and yet have nothing accomplished.

A babysitter allows me to spend several uninterrupted hours going all-in working on my business.  I shut the office door, turn off notifications, and pump out so much work!

That in turn also allows me to then truly spend quality time with my kids outside of those hours where I am truly present, having fun, and enjoying each other because my mind is not filled with 100 unfinished tasks and to-dos creating pressure.

Amazon & other auto-ship programs

Amazon has an excellent program that allows you to have regular disposable items sent straight to your home, on autopilot, on a regular schedule.

You can have it so that you never again have to think about buying toilet paper, diapers, paper towel, etc.  

Pick what you want shipped to you regularly and how frequently you want it sent to you. Then forget about it!

I also am so appreciative of another company that I regularly order from that sends us everything from body lotion, to all natural cleaning supplies, to my morning shake mix. 

It is affordable, it is automated, it makes healthy choices easier, and it saves my mental energy by having it all done on a regular basis without me having to think about it!

Automation and delegation in your business

I am so proud of the fact that I can work 15 - 20 hours per week and run 3 successful businesses, but I am disappointed that it took me 2 years to take the plunge!

What should you delegate and automate?

The answer to this requires you to understand yourself, your skills, your talents and what you do not enjoy or excel at.

Every business has 3 key people or roles:

  • The Creator
    • The core person, the talent, the service provider.  
    • The person that keeps the business alive
  • The Manager
    • The person constantly overseeing, supporting, and meeting the needs of the creator.  
    • Taking what the creator has done and take it out to the world.
      • Note: Sometimes a leader can’t be a manager and a manager can’t be a leader so this may break down into two roles.
  • The Entrepreneur
    • The creator and the keeper of the vision of the business.  
    • Their primary role is to attract and engage the creator and the leader.
    • High risk tolerance, can weather storms and are willing to go all-in to work with the creator and the manager to create a system that consistently empowers the creator.

Perhaps this is surprising to you - but, by nature, I actually would label myself as the creator if I had to pick just one.  I constantly have ideas and scratch them out on paper, but guys I am terrified of risk.  

I also sometimes struggle with connecting dots to turn my vision into reality.

I do have skills that fall into all three of these categories, but knowing which one is my key role is what allows me to know what I need to delegate.

My husband is the entrepreneur in my coaching business and I am the creator.

He evaluates ideas that I have and then gives his opinion on whether or not he believes it is feasible and something that we should go all-in on. That is where he truly shines.

In our physical therapy business, he is the entrepreneur but my role changes to the manager/leader role.

In the last 17 years we have grown from 3 to 5 to 15 staff members. We had to delegate to grow.

Delegating and outsourcing has allowed me to work in the areas I shine and am interested in while having the tasks that I do not excel at or enjoy taken off my plate.

In my coaching business, I have delegated tasks such as workbook creation, podcast editing, blog post creation, etc.

I urge you to really analyze where you flourish and where your money would be better spent to delegate.

Money is not your most valuable asset!

If you are pretty sure that you can’t afford to hire help, I really need to encourage you to do the math. Especially as a business owner!  Chances are that your time as a business owner is worth the same, or more, than what you would pay someone for their help.

Think of what you could do with those few extra hours a week! - Ask yourself if it would be worth it.  It was, hands down, worth it for me. 

When I started outsourcing, just a couple hundred dollars a month freed up an exponential amount of time in my life.  

That time could then be spent with my family, taking care of myself, or by doing income producing activities to actually make a return on investment in the cost of that outsourcing.

 You deserve to have a life and business that is inline with your dreams.  

To do this you need to take action and step out of your comfort zone. That begins by following the tips and strategies that I provide you with in this blog.

Take the action, work on your mindset, delegate and outsource, and refuse to give up! That is the formula for success!

Another form of outsourcing in your business

One more form of outsourcing that I want to touch on today is  to invest in support and accountability.  

Having a coach has been a huge source of growth in my business.  I have a coach, Tony Robbins even has a coach! We can’t grow without support.

We can’t grow without an outside expert who can assist and guide us on our journey.

I encourage you to look into investing into the WIN Circle. 

This program is high impact and will help you propel your business forward.  In the WIN Circle we discuss simple, effective strategies that allow you to create more meaning, money, freedom and growth in your life and business!

Next week, next month or two years from now you will look back on this time and wish you made these changes sooner. I know, I have experienced that regret and I want to help you avoid that delay and get on the fast track to success right now!

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