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EP: 147 The Trick to Converting Your Connections into Conversations and Cash

podcast Aug 11, 2020

Grab your pen and paper or your favorite note-taking app and get ready! You’ve been doing #allthethings but you haven’t been doing this one little thing that Jessie is going to share with you today. Learn the art of doing this one little thing right and watch the connections turn into conversations in no time.


Wanna hear my secret to converting your connections into conversations and cash? Create a sense of urgency. Yup! It’s that simple. When presenting your offer - paid or free - create a sense of urgency. Give a limited amount of time to get the offer, only accept a certain number of applications, etc.

Key takeaways from the episode:

  • Anybody can create a sense of urgency but most of us don’t do it well
  • Make it natural and authentic
  • Make sure you are very clear in WHO you are talking to 
  • Your offer can not be for everyone - riches in the niches. 
  • Your offer needs to give them ONE specific transformation vs trying to teach them all the things
  • Be a painkiller and not a vitamin when you are communicating to your ideal client
  • Stick to one specific offer
  • Practice the One Thing Formula
  • Promote your offer confidently, courageously, ambitiously, and unapologetically
  • Have an open and close date
  • Have a bonus offer

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