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EP 148: Facts versus Excuses

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2020

Do you sometimes have a hard time separating the facts from your excuses? In this episode, Jessie is diving into leaning hard into your truth, or facts, and using them to write a new story. She talks about common facts that can easily be used as excuses. She gives tangible ways to turn those excuses into fuel to propel you forward in your life and goals.


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • The difference between your facts and your excuses
  • Finding your profitable purpose
  • Common facts that can be used as excuses
  • What happens when you confuse facts with excuses
  • Finding solutions to your excuses

Words of Wisdom:

  • Those facts aren’t happening to you they are happening for you
  • Pain leads to passion and passion leads to profit
  • We have time for what we make time for
  • Use your disadvantage to become your advantage
  • Excuses will not take you where you want to go
  • Facts can be changed while excuses keep you in a damaging mindset
  • To own our future we have to own our past
  • Don’t make your circumstances an excuse

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