EP 149: What To Do When Being a Mom Used To Be All You Dreamed Of But Just Isn’t Enough

podcast Aug 25, 2020

Are you grateful for what you have but are still feeling unfulfilled? Is being a mom great but not enough for you? Are you searching for more in life than just motherhood? Tune in to hear Jessie read the first chapter of her book, The R.U.S.H Revolution, where she talks about it being okay to feel this way and how to move forward. Jessie then shares her top tips for taking action and building a life more in tune with your dreams. 


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • The first chapter of The R.U.S.H Revolution book
  • Showing up using the rush rule every day
  • The simplicity of the rush rule
  • It's okay to feel the way you feel
  • The thing you are struggling with the most can become your profitable purpose
  • The importance of having a system in place 

Words of Wisdom: 

  • It doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful it just means that there is a spark in your heart for something else
  • What you tell yourself about who you are, what you can do, and who you can become is exactly what your future will hold
  • Look for the positive and choose to move forward
  • Show up for what you want despite how hard it is
  • You have to own your past to own your present and you have to own your present to own your future

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