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EP 152: How To Create A Breakthrough When You’re About To Have A Breakdown

podcast Sep 15, 2020

Are you ready to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough? This week Jessie shares why she is taking a social media break and her action steps you need to take today if you want to create a breakthrough instead of a breakdown.


Action steps to take: 

  1. Stop fighting what you are feeling and what you are experiencing
  2. Force yourself to take a break
  3. Get in the ring
  4. Team up with others

Words of Wisdom:

  • When we stop fighting what is happening in the present we will often times find a lesson to be learned
  • Shift your focus from only seeing the crappy parts 
  • We have to show up to everything giving 100% belief and effort behind it
  • If you want to have that breakthrough you need to take a break
  • Confidence is gained through experience

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