EP 159: How to Create “Kitty” Curiosity and Increase Sales with Nikki Rausch

podcast Nov 03, 2020

Do you have a proven sales strategy? Or are you lacking the structure of how to guide clients through the selling process? Join Jessie as she chats with Nikki Rausch from Your Sales Maven on how to use sales and strategy that revolve around conversation and emotion to help you land high-ticket clients.


Meet Nikki Rausch: 

After 25 years of experience selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA, Nikki Rausch decided to trade in her road warrior status so she could help entrepreneurs sell in a way that builds relationships, creates true connection, and results in more closed deals and long-term clients. Now, as a sales coach, author, speaker and founder of Sales Maven, Nikki transforms the misunderstood process of “selling” into techniques, tools, and tips that can be successfully incorporated into a process replicable by anyone whose livelihood relies on selling a product, a service, or themselves.

Nikki’s three popular books are available at Amazon. And her podcast, Sales Maven, can be found on your favorite podcast platform.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Nikki’s proven framework to sales called the Selling Staircase
  • How creating conversations amplifies your business
  • The importance of getting permission before taking someone through the selling process
  • Why the structure of the sales conversation is important 
  • The most missed steps when engaging in conversations
  • What to do when you have identified a buying signal


Words of Wisdom: 

  • Ideas won’t change your world, it’s strategy that will
  • You have to work harder to earn the privilege to work smarter
  • Sales is something you do WITH people, it’s not something you do TO people
  • Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape
  • It’s your job to recommend what they need, not what you think they can afford


Grab your Closing the Sale: Simple Tips to Increase Your Confidence HERE


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