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EP 168: Embracing Your Divine Feminine Power to Elevate Health & Wealth With Keri Ford

podcast Jan 05, 2021

How can you overcome the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and business? What is possible when setting intentions and accepting where you are at now? Join Keri Ford and I as we dive into these topics and learn more about elevating our health and wealth.


About Keri Ford:

Keri is a Holistic Life Coach who works with high-performance women CEOs helping them to transform their body and mind so they can elevate their health and wealth. Keri has been featured internationally on, The Huffington Post, She Knows®, LivingSocial, Physique Magazine and the cover of FitnessX Magazine. She is a certified fitness trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach, certified nutritionist and transformation coach for over 10 years.

She has trained a number of celebrities, hosted and authored fitness programs and coached hundreds of women around the world who have transformed their body from the inside out so they can become the best version of themselves, and live the life they desire.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • About Keri and how she helps women in business
  • The correlation between how we show up in our body and how we show up in relationships and business
  • Identifying what alignment is vs. ego and self sabotage
  • How seeking confidence, freedom and inner peace (not weight loss) determines our actions
  • Why you should not be acting out of fear and lack
  • Why we need to allow things to unfold naturally, and not force it

Words of Wisdom

  • That inner belly fire is your divine feminine power when you know you’re in your zone of genius
  • We receive so much more when we lean in to ourselves and surrender
  • We have the choice of whether we will use the great power inside of us to lift us up or hold us back
  • The results and the weight loss are inevitable and a natural by-product of being in alignment and self-accepting where you’re at
  • What you focus on multiplies

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