EP 171: My #1 Motivation Hack -AND- God Signs: How To Call On Them And Receive Them

podcast Jan 26, 2021

I get real and raw in this week’s episode, and share with you a few signs I had recently that brought peace in my life and business.  I also share the number 1 thing that motivates me, and explain the S.A.L.T method that will allow you to receive more signs in your life now.


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • What motivates me to live my best life
  • How to pursue and feel more peace
  • Stories of recent signs in my life
  • How to ask for and create signs
  • Leaning on God for wisdom and guidance in choices

Words of Wisdom

  • Scarcity creates value
  • Life is a gift
  • Take the pain that you experience in your life and put purpose behind it
  • Believe there is no other option but to win, and this will bring joy and success
  • Take control of what you have control over only

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