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EP 175: A Daily Hack To Use To Step Into Your Power And Overcome Self-Doubt

podcast Feb 23, 2021

When you have struggles in your business or in your life, how do you overcome them? It is easy to doubt yourself, but let’s not get stuck there. I am going to share a hack that takes a brief 1-2 minutes that will prevent you from getting overwhelmed and instead help you through your struggle so you can keep moving forward and being successful.

 In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Find out what the acronym BRB stands for 
  • A breathing technique that will help you to find calm
  • What we need to focus on to succeed
  • Helping you to believe you are a millionaire mompreneur in the making
  • Tips on what simple steps and next steps you can take to move you forward
  • Don’t let excuses stand in your way of doing the things you want!

Words of Wisdom

  • Take your focus away from what causes you fear and doubt and shift into what your truth really is
  • 100% belief + 100% effort - giving up = success, joy and fulfillment
  • The shortcut to success is showing up and actually doing the dang work
  • Your habits and actions determine your future

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