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EP 176: How Multi-Passionate Moms Make a Full-Time Income Doing What They Love

podcast Mar 02, 2021

How would your life change if you turned your calling into a career? This week’s episode is for action-takers like you who are ready to put a plan in place to make a full-time income doing what you love. Make sure to take notes because I am going to break down the steps you can start taking today to make this dream possible.

 In this episode, you’ll hear

  • The importance of math in your business
  • Tips to sell your course on auto-pilot
  • The formula that helps you stand out as the expert and get specific about who exactly you sell to
  • Real tips for getting real results promoting on social media
  • Tips when investing in a coach or finding a mentor to figure out what they sell instead of falling into marketing traps
  • Some of the systems I use in my business and family life
  • How to write content that connects and creates the know, like, and trust factor

Words of Wisdom

  • Systems simplify processes and processes are the pathway to power
  • Facts tell and stories sell
  • If you have something available all the time, people will buy it none of the time

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