EP 177: The 4 Steps You Can’t Skip If You Want To Make Consistent Income In Your Business

podcast Mar 09, 2021

I want to show you how truly attainable it is to create a business that yields consistent income each month. Not only is it attainable, it can be your reality. I want to help you get there. You don’t want to miss these 4 important steps you need to start taking action on now!

 In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Tips to creating content that will bring more value and get more engagement
  • The importance of knowing your ideal clients’ pain points
  • How to schedule in time for engagement that works for you in your business
  • How an automated system can turn new followers into paying customers
  • Why follow-up is key
  • The power of pitching, both live and passive
  • Focus on a tweak and repeat sales system to improve conversions

Words of Wisdom

  • We are one decision away from a totally different life and business
  • Fortune is in the follow-up
  • To truly stand out as an expert is to be live pitching and not be nervous about it

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