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How To Get Past The Fear Of Failure when Launching Your Business or Product

business mindset money Apr 03, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent WAY too long caught up in the fear of failure.  Hands up if you’re guilty! :::raising hand::: Yeah, me too.

Sister, I get it.  It can be scary to launch a new business or product, but I’m going to walk you through the super simple strategy to leave fear behind, step into your power, and become the queen you were always made to be.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this….

How to Get Past the Fear of Failure When Launching Your Business or Product

I know that we women meticulously plan out our non-existent businesses, investigate the competition, plan out our futures, create a business plan, do market research, discuss revenue streams, decide what a product might look like, and who we would like to offer it to….

We dream about what things might look like in the future.

We talk and dream about it so much that eventually we end up stuck and overwhelmed, because we have over-thought it and never acted.

This is precisely what feeds the “fear of failure” monster, ladies….

If we end up launching, we usually play it small and “test the waters,” never truly going ALL IN. This inevitably leads to less than ideal results and confirms our fears that “we aren’t good enough”, “our business isn’t viable”, etc.

Sound familiar?  I’ve said it many times are not alone!

Fear and uncertainty hold us back - ALL THE TIME.  It’s a part of the package. And, we need to learn to deal with it, manage it, and be committed to working through it.

It’s sooooo important to become comfortable with being where you are: the beginning.

And, there’s no shame in starting out!  That’s one of the great lies of the fear of failure...that everyone else is farther along.  Well, guess what sweetie?!  EVERYONE else also had to start at the beginning, too.

Fear of failure is sooo normal, and that feeling is exactly what everyone else has to work through, too.

Let me tell you a secret: You will never truly be ready!

So, embrace the ride, accept where you are, and let’s move into action to Get. Things. Done!

I know a thing or two about jumping into action before I was ready...  

  • I am a former professional race car driver and the first time I ever left the start line, it was at 5 G-Forces in a 300+mph Jet Powered Dragster.  (Yup, FOR REAL)! Nothing (no amount of mental preparation, pep talks or studying others) prepares you for that blunt force. That car went 0-100mph in less than a second and traveled the length of two football fields in less than 5 seconds.  I’m just saying…. I never really felt READY to take that plunge BUT I DID IT.
  • My husband and I have built a 7-figure brick and mortar physical therapy business that 17 years later employees a team of 15 and is still growing through every struggle.  Nothing prepares you for the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship.
  • I built an online life coaching business to a solid multi-six-figure income as a one woman show!  By the way, I don’t recommend that unless you plan to add on a team. THIS one almost killed me but I’m so darn stubborn, I did it anyway and then resented the sacrifices I had to make to pursue it.
  • I’m going to throw this one in there too because most of us are moms here - I walked into the hospital (having no idea I was) 9cm dilated with my 3rd baby and within 10 minutes was holding my sweet Maximo in my arms after just two pushes. Praise all women but especially the one’s who birth their little blessings through the ring of fire.  Holy moly. I’ve done it four times and I’ve never felt ready.

I’ll stop there for now with the examples, but like I said, I know a thing or two about going all-in and not feeling ready.

I was regularly asked how I built my businesses, how I created the lifestyle I enjoyed, and so much more.

That was when I realized that it was time to shift.

It was time to switch from being a one woman show in my coaching business, chasing my dream, but never being able to fully step into it.  I had failed to set up systems, automation, delegation, and all the things I now talk about regularly.

When I finally took advantage of all these things and got over my fear of failure, I smoothly stepped into where I am today!

I started at 0, ladies...LITERALLY at 0 many times over.  I set aside the life coaching business I had built from scratch to pursue a greater mission and vision on my heart.  And, it was scary and full of really busy days, but was also by far the best thing I have ever done for my life and business.

I made a decision to be all in, and embrace being a beginner again.  I was ok with starting over, with no followers, no email list, no income.  Just me, hustling hard, and putting myself out there.

Don’t get me wrong - I was ok with it...but it wasn’t easy.

NEWSFLASH - Nothing worth doing is ever easy, sister….

So, how did I make this massive shift in my business, go all in with NOTHING, and overcome my fear of failure with a brand new business launch?

Two things: Mind and Action.

Get ready….

Here is the simple break down.

#1 Get out of your head and into the driver’s seat

Sister, I really know how appealing it is to dream and plan and envision and imagine, yada-yada-yada.  I do. BUT, dreaming doesn’t pay the bills.

Tough love, babe.  Planning and vision are important, absolutely, but they are not the same as taking action to actually DO THE WORK.

It’s easy to dream, envision, plan, and imagine.  But, it takes actual grit and work to create, plan, strategize, and do.all.the.things.  

While planning is good, too much planning simple leads to an overwhelmed head and a stressed out heart.  Decide right now that you are only going to plan for a purpose, and then you are going to GET TO WORK.

#2 Create a 60 day plan.

This right here, ladies, is the meat and potatoes.  If you are serious about overcoming the fear of failure, TAKE NOTE.

Once you have your dreams and vision and plans outlined, now it is time to really dig in and put together a workable action plan for the next 60 days.

Yes, workable action plan.  Get serious about what you can do NOW and then get to it.

Is your dream worth it to you?  Are you worth your own best efforts?

You are the only one who gets to make that decision.  So, what do you say?

Decide right now to be 100% committed to being ALL IN and making it happen!  

What should your 60 day plan include?

The best companies always start out with their MVP, or Minimum Viable Product.  This means that you really just need your 1.0 launch version to get going. You can always add more, make it better, and increase the value over time.  But, START!

Create your offer, map out a launch, and get moving!

The world needs your offer.  Get out there and go all in.

Tell the Fear of Failure to Kick It to the Curb

I promise, your fear of failure might still try to linger around, but you will defeat it with action!  This will be scary as all heck - yes.

But, as soon as you whittle it down to this simple process and start rolling, you will begin seeing results and your confidence will grow.

Be prepared.  There will be times where you put out a webinar and no one shows up.  That’s okay!

You did your part. KEEP GOING!!!

There will be times you create an epic freebie that no one downloads.  No problem! Learn from the experience, adjust, and try again!

If you have done your market research and know your product and business are viable, commit yourself to continuing to show up daily.  Position yourself as an expert in your field, and DON’T STOP.

My recent launch was $50,000 in 50 days!

But, did I need to find a ton of people?  NO! Because of the way I planned my launch, it only took 10 women purchasing a $1000/month product for 5 months. 10 x $1000 x 5 = $50,000.

Seriously, that’s my kind of math!

Let’s review this one more time.

Plan your offer and the price point you will be selling it.  Map out how many people you need to sell to, and commit to making it happen!

If what I am saying is resonating with you - I want to encourage you to download my newest freebie that I know will help you take action to overcome your fear of failure.

It’s called the “6 Figure Business Daily Checklist.”

This checklist will show you item by item what I do each day as a successful six-figure business owner.  I breakdown the kinds of tasks I do, the way I approach things, and the actions I know are most critical to my success.

If you’re ready to get your 6-Figure Business Daily Checklist, click here to download now!

I know there are big things in store for you.  Take action today and set your course for the next leg of your journey.

The road’s wide open for you.  It’s time for you to get moving, and shift into your Millionaire Mompreneur bad ass self!

You got this!


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