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Do you set goals every New Year?

Many of us do.  I want to ask you to reflect back on years gone by, what happened to your goals and resolutions as time went on?

We typically start out with so much motivation and energy. Then January goes by, February comes and goes, and generally by March our resolutions and goals are a distant memory.

We have slowly slipped back into old patterns and have forgotten what we set out to change.

More often than not, all it takes is hitting a small bump and then it goes from there.  We slow down, we fall into old habits, and little by little we end up back where we started. Once that happens it can quickly drain our motivation if we let it, but here is my personal trick!

Today's article brings you 4 steps to effective goal setting to help you stop falling short and achieve even more!

Step 1 - Stop waiting, hit the reset button!

The moment you recognize your motivation dwindling, or that something has come up to side track you from your goal, give yourself grace, acknowledge it and then RESET.

The day(s) missed, the slips, the slow down... the moment that you hit the reset button, they no longer count. Pick up and start off where you are! Freshly motivated with a clear intention to not repeat the same patterns as you have in years gone by.

Step 2 - Stop setting goals to fix problems.

I don't know about you, but my old resolution strategy used to be to "fix" a problem area:

  • Lose weight
  • Fix my marriage
  • Make more money

I realized that all of these type of resolutions focus on a problem. They put the power and intention in the wrong spot!

I now focus instead on improving aspects of who I already am that I want to increase. This may seem subtle, but trust me!  My list would now look something like this:

  • Improve my health
  • Grow closer to my husband
  • Make a larger impact with my business

Can't you feel the difference just by reading those two lists?  Putting our energy and focus on the positive side before we even start gets things moving in the right direction. 

Step 3 - Stop living in your potential.

You have to decide to go all in and unleash your potential by making the big move.

The odd thing about your comfort zone is that even when it is painful, you have come so accustomed to it that it remains comfortable despite the pain.

But the only way you can change things and move towards improving anything is through big action, learning, growing, moving.

I call this “Big needle moving action”.  You can’t achieve your big lofty goals with the knowledge and experience you have right now, it takes a lot of work!

Better yourself and your skill level each and every single day.

Take some time to plan out strategies of what you can do to improve yourself and your skills each and every day. Practice, reading, listening, researching, having a mentor, etc.

Step 4 - Live each day intentionally.

This is where the real magic happens!  (If you think it's a little too "woo" I just encourage you to give it a shot - what do you have to lose?)

This is where the last three steps get tied together and are fuelled by an intentional daily practice to keep yourself focused and motivated.

I recommend starting every day with breathing exercises. This helps you focus, get energized and gain mental clarity.

Next, set your intention for the day. This should be a small, accomplishable task that will move you towards your goal. Repeat it to yourself often, remind yourself of why you are doing it and how good it will feel to accomplish what you set out to do for the day.

The goal is to celebrate a win everyday.

Move closer to achieving your goal.
Every. Single. Day

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