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business mindset money Dec 08, 2018

How many products or services do you need to offer to have a successful business?

This post came about simply because I am getting a lot of questions about how I only offer one product in my life and business coaching business.

People are boggled that I can actually make money doing this because no one else doing just one thing.

Here's a little backstory that most likely you can relate to....

There once was an overwhelmed mom who so badly wanted to have her dream coaching business but couldn't keep up with the demands of what everyone would tell her it would take.

She couldn't build that type of business and take care of her family and other responsibilities if she wanted to have any down time. 

She also didn't enjoy showing up in her business trying to do a million different things.

It got to the point that she had decided to just quit because she really only started her business with the idea that she'd be able to make her own schedule.

Fast forward soon after, that same mom still was really passionate about helping others with her business and decided that she was going to forego all the crazy things everyone else was doing and just do things in a way that worked for her by simplifying and going back to basics. 

So she pressed forward again in her business much less stressed and much more specific.  And guess what, it worked.

Less is more.

Ok, now the dirty details...

I believe that if we're going to create your dream business without it taking over your life, then we have to maximize your value and the way that we're going to do that is with a less is more approach.

Or sometimes I like to say you need to slow down so you can speed up.

Enter in your one thing expertise.

Your one thing expertise is the thing that you are really freaking good at and that you really freaking love.

Your one thing expertise is the thing that you need to become a master and expert in.

You want to become known as the go-to in your industry for this one thing.  I'm talking like to the point where people will put their reputation on the line just pitching you to others because they truly believe that there is no one out there that's doing it better than you.

You're following me right?

The problem is, in this age of social media it's so easy to be influenced that you need to be offering tons of different things that cater to everyone's needs.

But honestly that couldn't be further from the truth, especially if you don't have a loyal and large following yet, you have to start out small and you have to start out by having a niche and then you have to sell the crap out of that niche and yourself.

If you do this you will grow and you will make more sales.

Only once you establish yourself as the expert at your one thing only then should you consider expanding.

So what is your one thing expertise?

Let me give you an example...

For me, it's helping you ditch the overwhelm and gain massive clarity and confidence so you can master your marketing and monetize your passion online while making a bigger impact. 

I do this through mindset, simple strategy and community. 

Don't get nervous, I know that my one-thing expertise is actually three things but I bundle them all up into one pretty package. These three things serve as the foundation to my one-thing expertise.

Let me explain further...

I am a huge advocate about mindset because it saved my life. I wrote a whole book about Revving up Self-Happiness Through the Power of Intentional Living (RUSH Revolution) and there's a lot of mindset hacks in there. 

Mindset is key to harnessing your personal power so we can ditch the overwhelm, build clarity and confidence so you master your marketing and monetize your passion online while making a bigger impact. 

Simple strategy is also very important to my life. It may not have been as much years ago before I was a mom, but now as a mom, I am all about simple strategy with high impact. 

I want to do a lot of hard, consistent, fast action and I want it to produce big results.  THIS (simple strategy) is going to be what takes your mindset to the next level. 

I'm all about community because I've tried to do a lot of things alone before and didn't achieve my desired results. 

I truly believe that alone, we are strong but together, we are unstoppable. 

I am all about collaboration over competition and that there is room enough at the table for everyone. THIS (community) is going to be the icing on the cake where your successful business doubles, triples or dream as big as you want because networking IS WHERE IT'S AT for any uber successful person you admire. 

A real life example:

Now let me use my own example of how I use my one-thing expertise to make money in my business. 

Those three things for me - mindset, simple strategy and community are actually all bundled up as the foundation of the 'Women of Impact Network' - aka- The WIN Circle which is a group coaching mastermind that I host.

If you're not familiar, click HERE and check it out

The quick overview is, it's a 12 month mastermind for women who want to grow their beautiful heart-centered business without it being so difficult. 

I packed it full with 10 back-to-basics high impact modules that will really help you take away the overwhelm, give you massive clarity and confidence and a step by step action plan to master your marketing and monetize your passion.  This will allow you to stop dreaming about your business goals and start making them happen NOW and then surpass them while maybe you're creating new ideas and new dreams.

Inside the WIN Circle we also have bi-weekly group coaching calls, bi-weekly hot seat one-on-one coaching calls, and monthly guest expert calls. (Because we are talking about mastering your one-thing, which means that I can't be the expert on everything in my mastermind so I choose to bring in other dependable sources who are up on the latest and greatest that you might need to know for FB ads or email marketing funnels or Pinterest lead strategy or writing proposals, etc...) 

I packed it all into a soulful sisterhood where we not only support and encourage one another but we network and collaborate together.  It's an online community unlike anything you've ever experienced before.  And we do a lot of other fun stuff like a monthly book club and meet ups.  It's affordable (at just $1/day) and it's positive and practical. The 'Women of Impact Network' is an investment that your business cannot flourish to new heights without.

So now you see how you can have two, three or five things that you bundle up into a pretty little package that you call your one-thing expertise as long as they go together and complement one another.

Let's supercharge this even more...  

Now that you know what your one-thing expertise is, let me challenge you to be honest with yourself a little more - what do you need to stop doing right now so it doesn't detract from your one-thing expertise?

Further more, what do you need to be doing more of right now to establish yourself as the go-to for your one thing? What are you not doing enough of?

AND NOW I have three super sales ninja secrets for you (actually they're nothing fancy. You've actually probably even heard them before.  BUT I know that it's something that you need to be reminded of, we all do) 

1 - You have got to talk about your one thing expertise daily 

I know that you are going to feel like you are being annoying but you're not.

Most people don't even see 10 percent of what you're sharing with the algorithm on social media. And here's the other thing, this is your job.  If you went to a regular desk job and didn't do your job every day, you wouldn't have a job so stop worrying about 
what other people think and talk about what service you offer, how it helps them, and why you love, how you fell into it, what excites you about it, etc...


And if somebody doesn't want to hear it anymore, they'll leave and you don't worry your pretty little face over it for one minute because THEY are not your ideal client so you don't want them there just taking up space anyway.

Remember, you just need a few loyal customers to start a chain reaction

2 - When you are talking about your one thing, you can't tell people "how" to do what you do!

You have to tell people what they will feel like when they solve the problem that you help them with.

You have to share what they'll get but not "how" to get it.

That's why they'll buy from you. They want to know "how" to do it.  I know you might feel guilty about this but you can't. Again, this is your business and you CANNOT go around giving away all your product if you worked at Sephora away for free right? 

You are the expert and you deserve to get paid for your services.  And honestly, when I work with a client, I might have a generic starting point for all but I end up tailor making it for each person.  They very often need to have their hand held and I dive into their problem with them.

But it's also important to note here, I don't feel bad about not telling people the "how" because I give out so much free content (like this very power packed blog post you're reading right now - lots of other coaches would charge you for this type of info). 

But you can find an abundance of free content I share like how-to's, strategy tips, mindset hacks and more here on the blog, on my podcast, youtube, IGTV, everywhere.... And because I do that clients don't feel like I'm taking advantage of them when I do ask them to pay for something like the WIN Circle. 

3 - You have to offer people opportunities to buy from you.

A good rule of thumb is that for every five times you share free content you should then hit them up with some sort of an offer to pay you. 

It's that simple. 

People need to be asked to buy repeatedly before they'll finally do it.

Believe me, I know this can be hard - this is actually a good reminder for me today too. But just do it, you will see a huge rise in revenue if you consistently ask people to buy.

That's it.  Phew...

I know that was a big one but it was so worth it! 

Guys - You deserve to have that big beautiful making bank business that gives you the freedom to live your life as you choose so start making the choices that are going to get you there. 

That starts with applying everything you just read here in this post but it can still feel overwhelming so don't forget to check out the 'Women of Impact Network' where we can do it together. 

Some times, we all just need that someone to hold our hand, tell us what we should be focused on next, how to forge through the latest struggle or how to expand on our latest idea. 

I too have needed a coach, used coaches and have a coach. 

A coach was the single best decision I ever made in my business.  Hiring a coach is what opened every door for me as I now soak up the blessing my business is to me working just 15 hours a week living my passion and purpose and getting paid handsomely. 

So if you're ready to RUSH, then join me inside the WIN Circle

The world needs you!

Take your learning one step further and download the accompanying workbook for today's blog post. Get it right here at the RUSH Resource Library! 


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