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business mindset money Jan 05, 2019

Attention Network Marketers! - Are you struggling to get the results that you want from your business?

If you are partnered with a network marketing company and are not seeing the results you desire, I want to share 3 strategies with you that your up-line likely isn't telling you how to do!

It's not that they don't want to help you, but the majority of them either don't know these strategies or they may tell you what to do but not how to do it!

I know, I have been there!  

Taking the advice of my up-line over and over again only to be frustrated with the lack of results.

When I finally learned and applied these three strategies, my business completely changed and yours can too!

Network marketing truly changed my life and I am passionate about helping other women find the success that I was able to create for myself.  

I see so many women set out in their network marketing business motivated, on fire, and driven to make a difference for themselves, their family, and their customers, but then their results fall short.

One of the driving motivators in creating my business was to help women who are struggling in the same areas I have struggled and learned to overcome. So, let's dive right in to today's 3 strategies to crush it in network marketing!

Strategy #1 - Brand yourself, not your products.

This is a big one!  

One quick scroll through Instagram and you will see many people posting pictures of them and their products.

If you are doing the same as everyone else, what makes you stand out?  

Why should people buy from you vs the thousands of other people selling the same product?

Branding yourself is a strategy that very few network marketers are taught and it is vital to building loyal customers and a successful business!

Creating a personal brand is all about showing up as you, with your stories, your posts, your inspiration, your education, your values and your beliefs.

Share more about you, your journey, your beliefs and your story, and less about the product!

It seems counterintuitive, but it works!

Strategy #2 - Be a painkiller, and not a vitamin.

Solve a problem, don’t provide a future benefit.  

Get to really know your ideal client.  Think about their deeper desires, thoughts, beliefs, pain and fear.

What keeps them up at night? How do they feel? What can you do to relieve the negative feelings they are experiencing?

Tell stories, create content that speaks to these pain points, and be relatable - often your ideal client is a very similar version of you! 

Knowing that you and your ideal client likely share many of the same pain points, spend some time reflecting back on why you chose the company you are partnered with. 

What problem did it solve for you?

What is a problem your ideal client wants solved NOW?

Strategy #3 - Treat your business like a business.

Truth: You can not treat your business like a hobby and then expect it to pay you like a successful business!

Yes, businesses can be created to provide you freedom, but that is in the form of flexibility and fewer hours worked.  However, the core work still needs to be done consistently and with intention!

Here are some tips for treating your network marketing business like a real business:

  1. Have a website
  2. Have a blog
  3. Create posts and social media content with intention 
    • Everything should be leading your audience to 'the next step'
  4. Ask for the sale
  5. Act professionally
    • Build trust, relationships, and rapport
    • Please do not resort to cold messaging strangers or everyone that 'likes' a post of yours on social media

And that's it! Today's post was short and sweet, but super actionable and value packed! You can begin implementing all three of these strategies right now and begin seeing results.  Go crush it!

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