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Happy 2019!

Whether you are reading this at the beginning of the year, or have come across the post a little later one, it is a great one! (If I do say so myself). 

I know that this is a powerful strategy that can help you set impactful goals to improve the overall happiness in your life.

Simple and effective strategy is what I know you thrive on because I am the exact same and this strategy is exactly that.

I have been on a personal development journey for a while now.  This blog is a platform I can utilize to share tools and strategies with you to help you harness the power you already have to build the life and business of your dreams.

The power of reflection.

Reflection is one of the most powerful tools that you can use in personal development. If you can’t reflect back on what has or has not worked for you in the past, won’t know how to change effectively for the future. You will be stuck

In my book, The R.U.S.H. Revolution, I share with you the RUSH progress cycle which is amazing for helping you learn how to reflect and grow.  

If you want change, then you need to take action!  I created an accompanying workbook to go along with this post that will give you a powerful visual tool to apply this strategy and refer back to over the year. 

You can download this free workbook (HERE) and actually put in the work to make sure that this year is your best year yet!

There is no better time than now to start.  

This strategy is going to be broken down into 3 steps.  Reflect, change, and let go!

Step 1: Reflect, break your year down into 8 different categories:

  • Health
  • Emotions & mindset
  • Relationships
  • Time management
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Fun & leisure
  • Spiritual growth

Below you will see a sample taken from the workbook (again, you can get that HERE) that I created a circle that is broken into 8 equal parts and each part is labeled with one of these categories. 

Next, each of these sections are then divided with 9 notches from the center out to create 10 spaces.  This is what it looks like when you get it drawn out:

What I want you to do is to rate yourself and where you are at for each category right now.  Provide a score of 1-10 for each, 1 being poor and 10 being perfect. 

Here is my example for this year.  As you can see, it is off balance a little.  It could be worse, but it could be better. What does yours look like?  Balance is the goal.

A deeper dive into each of the categories:


As you are working through this, remember this is not a time to beat yourself up if anything is not quite measuring up to where you want to be.  

This is the time to be honest and realistic with yourself but also accepting of where you are at and to give yourself some grace. Be honest with yourself. Are you healthy, do you feel well, do you have health struggles?


Total wellness is all 3 dimensions - body mind and soul.  

You can’t fix the other areas in your life if you haven’t dealt with your mindset and emotional health.  

This seems a little too “woo” for some people but I can tell you unequivocally that with all my research, experience, and practice, that nothing can change if your mindset doesn’t change.

Learning to shift your mindset doesn't mean spending hours a day in silent meditation, it purely means starting by changing your perception of yourself and your reality. 


Whether it is your marriage, your friendships, your parents, siblings, or co-workers.  There is always room for improvement in our relationships.  

Relationships are a vital component to any fulfilling and happy life.  

Time management

Are you happy with how you spend your time on a daily basis?  Are you working too much, not making quality time for family, relationships, or self care?

Do you intentionally create time in your day to enjoy life and not just survive it?

I have struggled with this in the past.  When I first transitioned to online business, I was working 60+ hours a week, not happy, and burnt out.  

Learning simple and effective strategies to improve my business while working less was an absolute game changer for me!


Are you living your purpose?  

So often we are taught to spend our days clocking in and clocking out to earn a measly paycheque that may or may not pay all our bills.  If you are feeling stuck on the hamster wheel with a job or business that isn't fully serving you and your financial goals while also meeting your sense of purpose, then this is the year to change that my friend!


Do you have a plan to grow the wealth you want for you, your family and the difference you want to make in the world?  

Finances aren't just as simple as paying your bills every month.  It can include investments, growth, charity, savings, and more. 


Do you take time for hobbies, fun, and looking after yourself?

I am so passionate about helping women truly live and experience life, not just survive it.  As busy mom and business owners it can be so easy to get bogged down in the 'to-do' list that you forget to have living room dance parties, take a long soak in the tub with a book, or go out for a girl's night.  


This can be a topic that people shy away from because everyone believes different things.  I just want to say, regardless of your specific beliefs, I think it is absolutely vital that you put faith in something. Label it what you will, God, Universe, Karma, etc.

Having faith in something larger than us gives us the ability to let go of thinking we have to be in control all the time. 

Step 2: Change, get from where you are to where you want to be:

Now, finish scoring where you feel you are at in each category and then think about where you want to be.  

Write the goal number beside each category. Don’t be crazy, I don’t think anyone should aim for a 10 in every area (10 might be impossible for any area). Striving for perfection is going to make everything else in your life suffer - remember this is about OVERALL health, wellness and happiness.

Remember there is a difference between being responsive or reactive - We can’t stop things from happening to us.  But we can control how we respond to it.

Pick 3 of the 8 categories that you want to focus on.  You are going all-in and will be making the commitment to creating a substantial improvement.

If you want to truly achieve these results you have set for yourself, you need to have a road map.  Create an action plan, schedule it, and make intentional choices to make that result a priority in your life.

If you feel like you can’t just pick 3, I am encouraging you to limit it to that number.  It might be hard, but overwhelming yourself in the future because of the present excitement to make a huge change will backfire.  Pick the 3 you think will make the largest change in your overall happiness and life and focus on those! 

Here is what mine looks like with my goal numbers now added in:

STEP 3 - let go of the outcome!


We just spent all of this time getting everything set out and now I am telling you to let it go??  Yup!

I get it may seem odd, but here is the thing:

The only thing you can control in life is your process and your output, but you can not control the outcome.  

If you are so focused on your goal that it is overwhelming, or defeating when you aren’t hitting it as quickly as you wanted to, or it changes as life changes (which will happen), then you risk getting discouraged and quitting altogether.

But I want to encourage you to use your goals as a Northern Star, a guiding point to shape your actions and lead what your next step should be.

Bonus Tip: Reflect on this monthly!

Each month you can schedule a time to reflect again and see where you are making progress, where you are still struggling, what you are successfully taking actions on or what is needing some extra attention.

This is a simple and effective way to keep yourself on course throughout the year.

Here is to creating your best year yet! 

Take your learning one step further and download the accompanying workbook for today's blog post. Get it right here at the RUSH Resource Library! 



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