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business life mindset Jan 17, 2019

Are you struggling with the opinion of others, letting fears hold you back, and holding onto past pains without a clear vision for the future?

Today we are talking about taking your pain and turning it into purpose - I like to call this the RUSH Revolution. (Revving Up Self Happiness)

On podcast episode 018, I also talked about this same topic and opened that episode by reading a chapter from my book "The Rush Revolution - Revving Up Self Happiness". This chapter introduces to you some of the pain that I struggled with earlier on in life and how I made the transition to taking control of my future and learned to create the life I desired.

I highly encourage you to head on over to the podcast after reading this post and listening to it! The story is real, raw, and vulnerable - and honestly parts of it are a little hard for me to relive, but I believe that there is such power in authentic connections made through vulnerability and that is my goal with you! (link at the end of post)

Are you triggered?

Today’s article was inspired by an experience I had this past weekend where someone in my life chose to project their own insecurities onto me, created an opinion about me and tried to knock me down.  

I was quick to realize that this was a reflection of them and not me, but it was still not pleasant. And although I didn’t engage and recognized this it still was something I went home and stewed on. - I was triggered.

It triggered memories from high school where I had created the beliefs that I would never amount to much.  I was not great in school, didn’t enjoy school, wore glasses, had braces, and oh so lovely acne, so I never really tried and there was a few years where I allowed all that to turn into negative self beliefs.

But, my friend, I came to a life changing realization that revolutionized everything:

Life happiness requires a total wellness plan.

You are always just one decision away from a totally different life.  That doesn’t mean that it is the easy decision. Quite often it is the harder decision that will make the best impact in your life.

Intentionally choosing how you will deal with a difficult person or how you will show up every single day is so impactful in how your life shapes up.

I never could have imagined that my life would have become what it has.

The winningest jet car driver, mom to FOUR amazing kids, wife to a wonderful husband, successful entrepreneur, beautiful house, and comfortable finances... honestly the list of things I am extremely thankful goes on, but you get the idea!

I never could have imagined being here, but the single thing that got me here was the recognition that I had the POWER to choose my life and how I wanted to live. This is what also allowed me to take my career and turn it into my calling.

Overcome your pain by making the hard decision:

The loss of my father at a young age was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced - But it is also what taught me to make the most of life.

It is what inspired me to become a certified life and health coach.  It taught me we only get one chance at this beautiful thing called life and I plan on making it the best it can be.

Becoming a successful race car driver in a male dominated sport, who had to fight tooth and nail for every inch of respect led me to speaking to the Girls Scouts of America, Zonta International Women’s club, and national corporate sales teams to inspire others to go out and chase their own dreams by taking big action and not worry their pretty little hearts for one minute about other people’s opinions.

No one else's opinion is your business!

Just like this weekend when I had someone project their issues on to me, I need to you remember: When your spouse, friend, family member, or acquaintance doesn't understand you chasing your dreams, they don’t think it is possible for you because they are small minded, they are not chasing their own dreams.

You need to let that go!

Their opinion does not have to be your reality.  You are the author of your own life story, you get to decide.

It won't be easy, but it will be worth it

I need you to understand that it will not be easy to stand up again these problems and chose the harder decision to grow through it - but that is how you start a revolution!

Did you know that I used to be so scared to get up on stages and speak? That it took me a year to write my book and I needed the help of my mom as a ghost writer?

Did you know that even as successful as I am now as an entrepreneur, I have failed epically time and time again.

BUT NOW I get asked to speak on stages because (in their words) I am captivating!

Holy Moly! Guys! On stage is now my favorite place to be! There is no place I feel more comfortable

NOW I know I am truly living my purpose inspiring and motivating people with simple, positive, and practical techniques.

I am now quickly writing my second book, by myself, because I know I have a message that needs to be shared.  I know that I can take my pain and my struggle and help others fast track through it, skip it, detour by it, or see it coming.

I am most passionate about being a business coach because my failures, that I overcame, now allow me to teach others not to over complicate this online business world.

I don’t want you to waste your money like I did, or waste your time - like I did, or for you to fail - like I have.  

I want you to experience success early on so that you can share your mission and your message with the world.

I want you to be able to live life truly by design.  

Perhaps that looks like owning 3 businesses and only working 15 hours a week, or its pursuing hobbies, or it is retiring your husband.  Whatever it is I don’t want you to avoid this simply because you meet struggles and hard times.

I want you to see how I have taken all the pain and problems in my life and not just changed it into fuel, but made it into my purpose.

What started as a career has truly changed into my calling and that is exactly what I want for you!

So perhaps your story is different than mine, and perhaps your transition won’t be as elaborate as mine. BUT I know that anyone and everyone can benefit from these three strategies because it will allow you to stop living in the past and start living in the future… a future that allows you to you design, that you create!

So lets take your pain and create your own RUSH Revolution

Step #1 - Find an anchor

You have to be able to validate yourself because so often when you are in the midst of a struggle, it is so hard to see your good work - or anything other than the pain.

To move past this, you have to shift your focus onto something that validates you. 

For me, my anchor is God.  He was the only way out through the darkest of times.  The times where I couldn’t even love myself because I was so caught up in what other people thought or said about me.

The only thing I knew to be true was that my god loved me, and if he loved me, how could I not love myself?

So, your anchor has to be something that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt to be true.  It has to be that thing that you can always count on, no matter what

Step 2 - Focus on opportunities, not the problems.

This is a lesson I am passionate about using with my kids.  

Imagine this:

You have 4 kids, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1, and the three oldest are running around the house at break neck speeds and being all kinds of crazy! What does your mama brain automatically say? 

Yup, exactly!

I used to say things like “be careful, don’t fall!”  And the very next thing to happen???

BOOM, they fall! The road rash is real, and... ya! Mama drama!

Now instead, I positively encourage them. So, if I focus on the problem (falling) - they fall, but when I focus on solution: “Hey you’re doing great, keep your feet up!” They stop dragging their toes, and fall so much less!

They very literally, consciously and subconsciously, listen to my words and focus on what I am saying - not the result I want.

You life is no different! Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Another Example:

When I started journalling there were so many things I could list out that I didn’t like about myself or my situation.  I thought that if I wrote them out and then worked at checking them off, that I could overcome them.

NOPE - that just ended in me sitting on my bed, in a puddle of tears, and crying over my journal and feeling like crap.

So instead, I decided to take all those negative things, flip them around, and write something positive.

Then I also include things that I was really grateful for in my life. 

The first time I went to do this, it was really hard.  I was so focused on the problem that I couldn’t see the solution. I sat there for 30 minutes and couldn't come up with anything… but then I tried the next day... the next... and the next… and over time I had a list of positives that was longer than my original list of negatives!

This also lead to me being able to overcome the problems more quickly and easily because I trained my brain to flip the switch to look for the solution as soon as a problem popped up.  I wasn’t sitting there focused on my problem, I would write it down and IMMEDIATELY look for the resolve.

Now, I almost never even write down the problem!  All I can see is a life full of positives and gratitude.

Step 3 - Make your life about the future and not the past

If you live in the past, you leave no room to bring anything new into your life!  It is all filled with this hodge-podge of sadness, regret, and anger.

There is no way that you can ever find your destiny or your purpose if you are living in the past.  Destiny by definition is the events that will necessarily happen to a person or thing IN THE FUTURE.

Discover what you are meant to be in the FUTURE

Final thoughts:

I know that right now you are holding onto your pain from the past as your anchor because it is all that you have known.  If it isn’t God for you, turn to whatever it is for you that you can trust in, have faith in, give your anxieties, stressors, fears and regrets over to…

I will never push my beliefs on you, but I do truly, truly believe that there is great power in having an anchor that is not your pain. This is a quote that I absolutely love:

Prayer is when you talk to god - meditation is when god talks to you.

So, I pray daily, several times a day. But I also meditate daily.  

Before meditation, I never could have had the things I desire most come so freely to me.  But now, I sit in a state of gratitude every day as I meditate and very calmly my future, destiny, and purpose is revealed to me.

That is how I have started so many things (this blog, my podcast, etc.)

This blog is a place that I am meant to be.

It has become so powerful to me. A place where I can reach out and touch so many lives in a powerful and positive way. It is where I can help you take your pain and turn it into fuel and purpose and to allow you to start your own rush revolution in both your life and your business.

I know that some of you are reading this message and feeling like it shed a bright light onto things for you.

But I also know that some of you have maybe already started your own business and are struggling. It feels difficult.  Maybe you're having inconsistent cash flow, struggling to set up systems so that you can work less, feeling a lack of clarity, etc.

OR maybe you have a great business but are struggling to scale, or maybe to connect with your ideal client, or close the sale consistently with larger sales.

No matter what the struggle is, I also know that you are ready right now to create that big life and big income (6+figures) and you are sick of waiting.

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This isn't one of those hard decisions we talked about earlier!  This is one of those no-brainer “you would be a fool not to take me up on this” offer.

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So if anything I shared today positively resonated with you, then I encourage you to please share this with your friends on social! Tag me @jessieharrisbouton - I am most active on IG and would love it if you reached out to chat via DM!

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Now girl, let's RUSH!

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