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business health life mindset Dec 10, 2018

Do you feel that everyone else is experiencing a level of success that you just can't achieve?

In a social media world, comparisonitis can sneak up on us quickly and unexpectedly.  It is a dangerous habit to fall into that can cause us and our businesses to seriously suffer and be held back.

Guys, if you are in any doubt that comparisonitis is real... I can guarantee you it is not only real but that it is the number one killer of entrepreneurial dreams. I simply can't stand for it anymore! 

So today I am sharing with you 4 main reasons for you to kill comparisonitis today before it kills your dreams!

#1 - It is a distraction!

Comparisonitis keeps us distracted and hung up on what other people are doing. 

It is a form of self sabotaging behaviour that we use as an excuse to procrastinate on pursuing our dreams. 

When I suffered from comparisonitis, I allowed it the procrastination to get way out of hand until it began to overflow and then paralyze me with fear! - Sound familiar?

#2 - You are allowing it to give away your personal power

We all have standards of excellence that we are aiming for, but you get nowhere by comparing yourself to the highlight reel of someone else that we don't even know. Even more dangerous, is comparing our step 1 to someone else's step 10! 

It is like taking a pin to a balloon and your dreams and aspirations just begin to deflate.

#3 - Action, imperfect action, is what moves you forward

As a former professional 300mph race car driver, I realized that worrying about what my competitor was doing in the other lane was not benefiting me.  I was not allowing me to be my best!  It was holding me back, distracting me from the task at hand, and funnelling my focus and energy into the wrong areas!

Practice doesn't just make perfect. Practice makes retention!

You can't retain your skills if you are not practicing them! Take any and all action you can today, even if it isn't perfect or exactly like what others are doing.

#4 - Saying it has all been done before is yet another excuse

It is hard when you see other people doing exactly what you want to be doing, and in your opinion, better than you are currently capable of doing it.

STOP IT, right now! You are putting others on a pedestal and holding yourself back.  Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, you can do it, you will inevitably put your own spin on it because you are a uniquely talented person.  There is no other you!

No one else has your unique combination of talents, skills, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, education, etc.

There are people out there that need exactly what you have to offer!

A personal story

When I started to realize that my business goals were changing and my business was evolving, I went into a complete consuming phase.

I stopped taking on new clients and just dove into consuming blogs, podcasts, social media... you get it, right?

During this time, Rachel Hollis BLEW UP! 

She was inspiring people with every post. she was putting out amazing content, and her following was growing exponentially.

Suddenly, something happened to me.  I went from being inspired by her to being kind of jealous and I started getting a serious case of comparisonitis!

I had no hard feelings towards her, of course, but I felt like she was already doing exactly what I wanted to do but was so far ahead of me that I would never be able to do the same.

To combat this, I did one super simple thing.

I stopped consuming and started creating!

Creating your own epic content, growing your audience, and chasing your dreams is the fastest way to put the brakes on the comparisonitis ride.

This story is vulnerable and a little embarrassing for me to share with you, but I know that this is a common occurrence that many of you are likely experiencing, have experienced, or will experience in the future and I don't want that to be something you struggle with.

So, start applying the strategies that I have shared with you today and keep comparisonitis at bay!

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