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business mindset money Dec 15, 2018

What could you do with an extra $500, $1,000 or $2,5000 per month in your business?

Would that allow you to pay your household bills comfortably, take a family vacation or give back to causes that are important to you? 

This business strategy has allowed me to do all this and more.  I am going to share with you the number one strategy that allows me to create additional cashflow in my business.

This strategy, when applied, will allow you to create the added income you need to up-level your business.  It can be used to invest in your business in ways such as outsourcing, advertising, tools, or even to hire a business coach.
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The truth of the matter is that we can all use extra cash flow in our businesses.  It is the number one thing I hear as a business coach from clients, prospective clients, and audience members.

Ok! So, are you ready for it? Here it is:

Be a painkiller and not a vitamin.

If you are thinking: "Jessie, what are you talking about?", don't worry!  I'll explain.

How often do you forget to take your vitamins? Or tell yourself that you should really buy some vitamins and start improving your health, but it get's pushed off until tomorrow? 

But if you are in pain, I bet you never forget to take your painkiller (or have the hubby run out and get you some right away).

That is the kind of solutions I want you to start providing to your ideal client.  The solution to a pain point that they are experiencing right now and are willing to pay to have you solve for them. 

Steps for creating a "painkiller" offer

There is a specific formula you can follow for creating the perfect offer to solve a pain point for your ideal client.

The first step is to niche down and make sure you are talking to a specific problem that a specific type of client has.

For example: 

When I first started as a life and health coach, I tried to speak to everyone.  I truly believed that everyone could do with be a little happier and healthier. Which isn't wrong, but when I was trying to talk to everyone my messaging fell flat. I didn't connect with anyone specifically and my business suffered.

Then, I finally got clear on who I served and how I could help them.

I niched down to serving women.

Not just women, but women who had just had a baby and were suffering with anxiety and/or depression. As soon as I got specific on my audience, everything began to change. Suddenly, I went from next to no clients to an inbox full of people wanting to work with me.

What was the biggest reason for this change?

I started providing a solution (painkiller) to a specific person with a specific pain point.

How do you find the pain point?

How do you know what the pain point is that you are solving for your client?  Start by evaluating yourself and your journey this far.  Chances are your ideal client is an earlier version of you. 

  • Think about yourself - what have you struggled with and overcome that you can then pass on to others?
  • Think about fears, thoughts, worries, problems that you have faced and your ideal client is facing RIGHT NOW
  • What have you been willing to pay for to have solved in the past, or wish you could have paid someone to have solved for you?

These are excellent starting points for you to get started.  The key part of this step is to ensure you are solving a current pain point (painkiller) and not providing a future benefit or preventative (vitamin).

Crafting your painkiller offer

Now, you have a target audience and a pain point, how do you deliver the solution in a format that your ideal client is willing to pay for?

You craft a high value, high impact, low investment offer that solves your client's pain point and is at a price they can't refuse.

If you are struggling to come up with an offer then stop think about the content you have already created. What email, blog, or social media post has been most popular? Chances are that was solving a pain point and you may not have even realized that was the case!  Repurpose and expand on that content to create an offer for your audience.

Next, choose a delivery method and consider offering additional bonuses that improve the impact and value.

For example, I have offered Voxer access as a bonus to the WIN Circle program for people that joined in December.  This offers huge value to my clients as they would not be able to have 1:1 access to me any other time, but this allows them to not only have access, but begin working on solving their pain point right away!

The power of a painkiller offer

I hope that this article has shown you the benefits of offering a painkiller offer to your audience.  It is a business lesson that I wish I had learned sooner rather than later and am very passionate about sharing with other women.

I know the power of this strategy and know that it can revolutionize your business! 

Let's make 2019 your year, boost your cash flow with this one simple strategy and watch the changes that take place!

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