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business life mindset Jan 30, 2019

I have "called my shot" ever since I was a kid.

It has become a super power of sorts and how I accomplish big things in my life and business.

You see if I kept all my dreams to myself, quiet in my head, I would eventually talk myself right out of doing any of the extravagant things I have done (or want to do yet).

Even as a young girl, I said that I wanted to become a race car driver. - Which is exactly what I did.

Then, 5 years into my racing career I made it known that I planned on becoming the winningest driver in history. - Which is exactly what I did.  There is power in this not only because it holds me accountable (I don't want to let myself down), but I also wanted to make sure that I didn't look like a bumbling idiot by calling my shot and then not achieving it.

I need you to know:

I have called my shot thousands of times and have only achieved a handful of the big goals I set out to reach.  

Yes, I have failed many many times. But those achievements I have reached were substantial and they NEVER would have happened if I hadn’t called my shot.

It's not always about your success rate, it's about being willing to show up - again and again - and being able to change course and pursue a new shot when the time is right.

The true power behind calling your shot

When you call your shot you start to visualize exactly what you want, in great detail - right?  You start to see, feel, smell what it would be like to succeed.

You start to actually live in that moment before it ever happens

Once you start visualizing this way, you start to believe that it is possible.  

And finally, once you believe it is possible, you start to be gain clarity on what actions you need to take so that you actually achieve that shot you have called.

Then the only thing left to do is take consistent action….

Be warned:

Once you get into this space of calling your shot, believing in your potential and taking consistent action, you may start to be called “obsessed”.

I have experienced this more than once and it tends to come from "average people, living average lives".

By average I mean people who are content with the status quo, who aren't taking big action, and people who choose not to make waves. (Remember even choosing not to do something is still a choice.)

The "average" person out there may not understand what you are doing and their misunderstanding can lead to judgement of you and your actions.  But, I need you to know that average actions will only give you average results.  So choose now what results you want, and shut the opinions of others out.

Side note - if you are reading this and feel like  you may have been one of those people that judged someone that you didn’t understand, I am not slamming you.  But I do ask you to try instead to pat those people on the back, encourage them in their dreams and support them for making a big scary decision to chase their dreams and not settle for mediocre.

The results are in

GUYS!  I never could have imagined that my life would have shaped up to be so amazing.  It honestly is better than my wildest dreams and it is because I obsessed over creating more.  

I called my shot often and repeatedly and then took the actions - even when I didn’t know how it would work out.

What will your results be?

I have a quick suggestion for you because I want you to start putting this habit into practice.  Start calling your shots, start believing in your potential, and start pursuing your purpose by achieving your goals!

Call out your shot to the WORLD

Sharing with my husband, family and close friends isn’t enough for me and I know that it won't be enough for you either!  

If you want to achieve big things, you have to become comfortable with putting it out there to the world!

In fact, if you scan through my older posts on social media you would see that I called my shot a whole lot! And the whole time, I never had a dang clue of how it was going to happen, but I called my shot publicly, then started taking huge action.

  • You would see me talk about pursuing my life coaching certification
  • You would see me talk about expanding to health coaching and business coaching
  • You would see me talk about penning the first few lines of my first book.
  • You would see me talk calling my shot about this idea I have of women coming together in the pursuit of their dreams in a place where it just didn't have to be so difficult anymore.  Where they could live their passion free of judgement and finally create the life and income they deserve with their business.

I am calling my shot right now, feel free to follow my lead!

Here they are:

  • You are going to see my second book come out!
    • "Shut Up and Drive - A purpose driven roadmap to get out of your head and claim victory on your goals.
    • This book is going to serve so many women!  This book is going to change the world. This book is going to sell at least 100,000 copies.
  • You are going to see me host my first ever "RUSH Revolution" Live event.
    • This business will be a 2 day personal and business growth event.
    • Day 1 will teach you how to elevate your life, your health, your relationships, your motherhood.
    • Day 2 will teach you to expand your business to 6-figures and beyond!

So there you have it! This is me, calling my shot publicly because I believe if I am going to talk the talk - I better be walking the walk!

Are you with me? Are you ready to call your shot? 

I encourage you Right Now to hop on over into my free Facebook Group and call your shot there with us, so we can cheer you on and watch you succeed!

Share right now in The Millionaire Mompreneur Sisterhood

Now sister - IT'S TIME TO RUSH!

P.S. I absolutely love connecting with other purpose-driven women and IG is where I do that best.  Let's be friends over there too.  I show up in my stories daily, and actively respond to all DM's @JessieHarrisBouton

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