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business health mindset money Dec 01, 2018

You're probably thinking, "Me-Time?  What's that?"

I know, I know.  We're all guilty of putting ourselves off for the sake of getting all the "things" done.  In our mind, we think we can handle it now and that we'll make time for ourselves when we catch up. 

But I've got a newsflash for you mama... You're never going to catch up.  It has the potential to become organized chaos but that's the best it will ever be in my opinion.  

This topic is so close to my heart - A few years back, I went down a dark lonely path feeling like I would never lose that extra weight, I would never have quality time with my kids, I would never have a great marriage and I would never feel fulfilled in my career ALL BECAUSE of the demands of life. 

You see, I used my responsibilities as excuses for my lack of effort and progress.  What a cop out.  I was so ashamed when I came to this realization yet this is far more common than I realized, especially in motherhood.  

The truth is my lack of progress was simply because I allowed my life to control me instead of ME taking control of IT.  

I had a good life but I wanted more. 

I kept thinking I could catch up and then chase the more but the list is always long and there will never be the right time to start.  So at some point, you have to decide that good enough just isn't good enough. 

And that's what happened to me.

I'll spare you the details to the dramatic pity party I had thrown for myself when this realization came to me but the point I want you to take from it is they eye opener thought that made it all click for me:

If I put as much effort into seeking joy as I did at being pissed off at the world, I'd have the happiest life in the world! 

And whether you see it right now or not, is out of my control. 

But I hope this is the blog post you are meant to be reading today. That it will open your eyes some day to how you can make a few simple shifts in your perspective and open up a whole new world for you. 

You think you're fine but you can always be better.  We can all always be better. It's a lifetime process. 

So I went all in and took conscious control of exactly what I wanted more of and less of in my life.  It wasn't easy but I started to carve out time for me.  Just me.  In this time I could: 

  • take a bath by myself
  • fit in a 20 minute workout in my basement
  • listen to an audio book while I folded laundry with one ear bud
  • take the extra 30 seconds to make a healthy shake for breakfast versus the daily pancakes and sausage
  • chug water instead of the Dr. Pepper I had become accustomed to

I even tried out self guided meditation because I heard it was good to release tension, and instead of turning on the TV at night I spent 10 minutes just talking (really talking) with my husband and scheduled a babysitter twice a month in advance to ensure we didn't skip out on date night. 

To do a lot of this, it meant I had to get up at 5 am (two hours before my kids) which meant I had to go to bed earlier.  It wasn't just hard, it was really hard.  I tried to quit so many times but I just stuck it out for 30 days because that was the deal I made with myself and after that 30 days I took some time to reflect. 

GUYS!!!! In those 30 days, I had lost 15 pounds of the 20 I wanted to lose. 

Even getting up two hours earlier each day, I still logged more hours of nightly sleep than usual.  Even though I still craved sugar regularly, I had also learned to be satisfied with other natural sugar alternatives like fresh fruit.  Meditating felt weird but it also seemed to be making a difference in my demeanor and outlook.

I had listened to two books in 30 days when I hadn't read a book in 3 years since having my first baby. I boycotted TV altogether because I knew it was a rabbit hole I could easily fall into and stay up to late watching. And my husband and I had literally only maybe bickered maybe 5 times versus our daily rants simply because of something I read by the great Tony Robbins, "trade your expectations for appreciation". 

I just decided to start looking for all the good in my husband like how hard he worked for us so I could stay home part time or how much he loved me even though his was of showing it wasn't by helping with laundry and how when I asked for help instead of complaining or demanding it, he just pleasantly obliged me. 

And date night had us closer (wink-wink) than we'd been in a long time just because I wasn't covered in puke with my hair in a top knot and no makeup.  I mean, I had my best push up bra on for date night (haha) and the quiet time away allowed us to talk about everything and anything and dream together again.

OMG!!!!  Just a little bit of "Me-time" had not only completely elevated my personal life but also my professional as it helped me recognize a new passion and purpose in my life starting a new career getting certified as a life and health coach.

"Me-time" is something that I thought I was too busy to make time for. 

I mean "me-time" doesn't pay the bills, clean the house, cook the dinners, change the diapers, volunteer at church.  But "me-time" was an investment that my life and business could never have flourished without. 

I became such a better everything - human, wife, mom, daughter, friend, boss, coach, child of God - with just a little bit of daily "me-time". 

Life will always have hurdles but "me-time" is the answer to me finding some clarity in it all - who I am, what I want, and how to create it. 

Most recently this past year, I shifted my business from life and health coaching to include business coaching.  It was something that had been on my heart for a while but I ignored because no one does that and I was too busy too even think of adding something else to my plate. 

But over time, "me-time" helped me to see that I can do anything whether anyone else has ever done it before and that I could do it different than I originally thought, I could do it a way that would serve me better so I didn't feel so overwhelmed.

This is my personal testimonial but studies prove what I am saying to be true as well. 

So I am urging you to design "me-time" for all of the things that are important to you, that fill your cup up, that motivate you to create a life more in tune with your dreams. And remember to focus on quality over quantity. 

Some days, life is still just too crazy to get much time but I make sure to get in what will make the biggest most positive impact for me that day.

Now, let's not be silly here and think you'll be able to find time

You HAVE TO schedule it in just like any other commitment on your calendar especially when you're getting started. 

Also, it's important to note that the 'Law of Attraction' is real my friends and what you give, you get. So give yourself more of what you want and it will just start to naturally become a priority in your life.

I actually now call my "me-time", "RUSH-time".  If you aren't aware, I wrote a book called "The RUSH Revolution - Revving Up Self-Happiness Through the Power of Intentional Living".  RUSH is an acronym for Revving Up Self-Happiness.  You should definitely check it out if you're looking to elevate your life to one more in tune with your dreams.

 And because I want you to take action NOW.  Tell me in the comments or tag me @jessieharrisbouton on Instagram with what "me-time" or "RUSH-time" activities you intend to make a priority first.

Now, take your learning one step further and download the accompanying workbook for today's blog post. Get it right here at the RUSH Resource Library! 



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