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The choice is yours...

I need you to know this one very important thing:  Although we as women are the queens of overcomplicating things, the reality is that we have the choice to keep it simple or allow ourselves to slip into the habit of creating a mountain out of a mole hill.

Either you want something bad enough to go for it, or you don't. 

Either you choose to do the actions needed, or you choose not to. 

The choice is yours.

Let's explore this a little deeper... 

As a certified life, health, and business coach I speak with women every day who have really big goals.  

When you have really big goals. But we often get to the point where overwhelm creeps in and we start toying with the idea of quitting it all together, or have the mindset that "I will start again later, when it is easier, when I am caught up, etc…" we can quite logically come up with every excuse in the book.

No judgement, I have been there - and still have the tendency to be...

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Do you set goals every New Year?

Many of us do.  I want to ask you to reflect back on years gone by, what happened to your goals and resolutions as time went on?

We typically start out with so much motivation and energy. Then January goes by, February comes and goes, and generally by March our resolutions and goals are a distant memory.

We have slowly slipped back into old patterns and have forgotten what we set out to change.

More often than not, all it takes is hitting a small bump and then it goes from there.  We slow down, we fall into old habits, and little by little we end up back where we started. Once that happens it can quickly drain our motivation if we let it, but here is my personal trick!

Today's article brings you 4 steps to effective goal setting to help you stop falling short and achieve even more!

Step 1 - Stop waiting, hit the reset button!

The moment you recognize your motivation dwindling, or that something has come up to side track you from...

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Happy 2019!

Whether you are reading this at the beginning of the year, or have come across the post a little later one, it is a great one! (If I do say so myself). 

I know that this is a powerful strategy that can help you set impactful goals to improve the overall happiness in your life.

Simple and effective strategy is what I know you thrive on because I am the exact same and this strategy is exactly that.

I have been on a personal development journey for a while now.  This blog is a platform I can utilize to share tools and strategies with you to help you harness the power you already have to build the life and business of your dreams.

The power of reflection.

Reflection is one of the most powerful tools that you can use in personal development. If you can’t reflect back on what has or has not worked for you in the past, won’t know how to change effectively for the future. You will be stuck

In my book, The R.U.S.H. Revolution, I share with you the RUSH...

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