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business health mindset money Dec 01, 2018

You're probably thinking, "Me-Time?  What's that?"

I know, I know.  We're all guilty of putting ourselves off for the sake of getting all the "things" done.  In our mind, we think we can handle it now and that we'll make time for ourselves when we catch up. 

But I've got a newsflash for you mama... You're never going to catch up.  It has the potential to become organized chaos but that's the best it will ever be in my opinion.  

This topic is so close to my heart - A few years back, I went down a dark lonely path feeling like I would never lose that extra weight, I would never have quality time with my kids, I would never have a great marriage and I would never feel fulfilled in my career ALL BECAUSE of the demands of life. 

You see, I used my responsibilities as excuses for my lack of effort and progress.  What a cop out.  I was so ashamed when I came to this realization yet this is far more common than I realized, especially in...

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business life mindset money Nov 29, 2018

You know what makes me crazy?

As a life, health and business coach I see so many people just checking out these last two months of the year waiting to start again in January.  

Oh my gosh, I get so mad at this.  I mean the truth is, you're just leaving a gap for go-getters like me to come in and blow it up in a good way. However I don't thrive on other peoples failure so I feel bad.

I mean first of all - let's just talk about the fact that if you're willing to let go of your goals now, what I consider to be the truth telling months, then it makes me really sad that you don't value yourself enough to chase your goals, not to mention the fact that success doesn't happen for those who slack off. 

So why do you do that? 

I know you want to have a happier life, get healthier, or make more money (for just a few examples).  So if that's true, why do you make the choice to not take the actions that will get you there now? 

I have news for...

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