Our Family Vacation to South Beach - Miami, Florida

family travel Aug 13, 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, by now you realize that the Boutons spent the last week on vacation in South Beach - Miami, Florida.  More specifically at the Loews hotel, the family and pet friendly luxury hotel right on the corner of Collins Ave and Ocean Drive. 

You’ve had a few questions - Why Miami, Why Loews, Where to eat, What to do?

Ok, I’ll break it down for you…


The truth is, I never would have picked Miami, FL to vacation.  I’m a Disney girl at heart even though my first real trip wasn’t until I was 25 years old.  Point is, I’m all about experiences so I would never think about Miami where I thought there was nothing more to do than people watch (which I do love doing but not the point).

But we ended up traveling to Miami 8 years ago for a quick get away weekend and because the Miami boat show was something my husband had always wanted to attend.  Before kids, Chris was all about fast boats and I was...

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