Are you sick of attracting "Freebie Free-loaders" and ready to kickstart cashflow fast with targeted leads but don't know how?


Cashflow Kickstarter™ is a quick workshop that will teach you how to create a mini-offer that will generate what you need most right now - MONEY!

 ...Think $1k (or more) in 5 days or less.

And... BONUS…. give your new customer an instant breakthrough so that they’ll be begging to work with you (and pay you) more.


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Hi, I'm Jessie!

I'm a business growth strategist with 17 years in entrepreneurship helping helping others build, market and scale their businesses with my marketing genius. 

The idea for the Cashflow Kickstarter™ workshop came to me in the form of a repeated question from audience:

"How do I (fill in the blank) when my business isn't making money yet?"

I get it... the slow and painful growth strategies like free lead magnets aren't serving your bottom line.  You need qualified potential customers not freebie-free-loaders.

So I then asked myself a question:

"How can I help business owners grow their audience while at the same time kickstart cashflow... lets say $1k (or more) in 5 days or less... whether they're brand new in biz or been around a bit?"

I'll admit I sat on this one for a short bit but then it hit me like a palm to face emoji.... 

By taking the focus off how to build a sustainable -aka- Million $ business, because that could take a few months, I have just the strategy you need to make cash fast.

Like, super FAST.

Like, less than 5 days FAST! 

As a former pro 300+mph race car driver (did you know that about me?), I am ALL about getting to the finish line fast and as the winner (World champion here).

So I went to a strategy I've been using for years...

A strategy that can be used with zero following and zero budget.

The same strategy so many 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses use on the daily.

The same strategy I've taught my 1:1 clients over the years.

And NOW... I want to teach it to you.

You're welcome! 😘


So.... Why Cashflow Kickstarter™?


Because you can dream big but you've got to start small...

If you start with a mini-offer like a Cashflow Kickstarter™  you can then scale to bigger offers later on with ease...

THIS exact strategy is how I've built 6 and 7-Figure businesses on autopilot.

The Cashflow Kickstarter™ workshop is essentially years in the making…

BUT it’ll only take you five days to implement.  (For REAL, For REAL)

Are you ready for quick cash and a more sustainable business?

(Ummm, OF COURSE you are!)

Then let's create your Cashflow Kickstarter™ today!


What is a Cashflow Kickstarterâ„¢?

A Cashflow Kickstarter™ is a low cost, high value, mini-offer that you can create and sell to grow your audience and revenue at the same time.  Yes, even with zero following and zero budget. (This is how all Millionaire Mompreneur dreams start to become reality)

Inside the Cashflow Kickstarter™ workshop, we'll teach you how to create a truly irresistible offer your audience will not only want but won't be able to refuse. (From start to finish - meaning - we'll take you from idea to income in just 5 days using our proprietary method)

Your Cashflow Kickstarter™ acts as a gateway into your business meeting your audience where they're at delivering massive value thus walking them straight to your other amazing offers. (Pst - THIS is how we create a sustainable Million $ business by doing less better)

Inside the Cashflow Kickstarter™ workshop I share:


  • How to choose your perfect Cashflow Kickstarter™ idea
  • How to turn that idea into a profitable product
  • How to turn that product into an irresistible offer
  • How to create, sell and deliver your Cashflow Kickstarter™ (this is the techy side of things that holds a lot of people back)
  • How to find the people who need your Cashflow Kickstarter™ the most, even with zero following and zero budget


creating a product that you know will sell like hot-cakes because your audience specifically asked for it...

And then growing your audience like bananas while simultaneously growing your revenue...

THAT is what a Cashflow Kickstarter™ can do for you, just like it did for me.

THAT is how you ditch freebie free-loaders and fill your list with CUSTOMERS.

Are you ready?

You're just one click away from a totally different business and it starts with Cashflow Kickstarter™.


Cashflow Kickstarter™ is... THE strategy your business needs (no, deserves) to catapult growth and is worth 10X what I'm charging.


If you are (more than) ready to add a simple and sustainable stream of income into your life and business, then you need Cashflow Kickstarter™.

So I packaged it up as a no-brainer offer that would meet you exactly where you're at and get you on the fast-track to the success you dream of in just 5 days or less. (This totally give me all the feels, how about you?)

BECAUSE I want you to make your Cashflow Kickstarter™ TODAY (not someday).

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