YOU are my type of gal - serious about taking your brand and bank account to the next level....


This is for you if you're ready to:

  •  Simplify your social media growth strategy
  • Create a brand that stands out online
  • Create content that connects with your dream audience
  • Boost your confidence
  • Set sales goals and surpass them
  • Build a business that works FOR you

Imagine waking up with...

  • 100 new followers
  • Full DM's
  • 30 new email subscribers
  • Sleep Sales (they really are a thing!)

All of THIS and more can actually happen for you!

Magnetic Marketer will get you there quicker and easier!


Does this sound like you?

-  Struggling to see any real results or growth in your business?

-  Sick of watching others do big things?

-  Exhausted and overwhelmed doing #AllTheThings

-  Wondering if your business dreams are even possible?

-  Ready to give up?

Inside Magnetic Marketer, you'll learn all the knowledge and secrets you need to start growing your social media profile and converting followers into sales and results (without feeling overwhelm or being pushy).

Hey, I'm Jessie...

Certified Life and Business Growth Coach, 17-Year Entrepreneur, 7-Figure #MagneticMarketing Queen, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Mom of 5 and Former Professional 300+mph World Champion Race Car Driver.

Fancy titles - I know.  But it wasn't always easy for me.  In fact, the truth is, at one point I cried more tears building my businesses than raising my babies.

Which is why once I cracked the Magnetic Marketing CODEit became my mission to take the guess work out of how to make money online for ambitious, freedom-fighting mamas with a message, like yourself.

Magnetic Marketer will help you simplify social media and stand out in the super busy, over-crowded world and grab the attention of your dream audience.  And then, actually close the deal!

Are you ready to make sales 24/7 (without working 24/7) right from your social media profile?


If you've got the courage to show up for your dreams,

Magnetic Marketer has the right tools to convert clients into your programs, quicker and easier!

Magnetic Marketer Includes:

1 - Magnetic Marketer Framework:

A Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Online Coaching Empire


Phase 1: CLARIFY (Branding)

Module 1 - Mindset & Confidence

Master your mindset with the "RUSH Rule" and get proven confidence-building strategies so you can show up for your audience in alignment and in control.

You'll adopt the exact same beliefs that market leaders already possess so you can go from feeling like the best-kept secret to being viewed as the go-to leader in your industry.

Module 2 - Build Your Brand & Following

Optimize your presence on social media so that you stand out, get more followers and boost your engagement always leaving your audience begging for more.  

You'll learn organic visibility boosters like how to ethically and morally steal your competitors audience, how to secure guest spots on blogs, podcasts and in media publications and how to turn your existing clients into loyal raving fans who act as ambassadors for your program without being paid.


Phase 2: SIMPLIFY (Marketing)

Module 3 - Audience & Offer Connection

Craft your irresistible offer and learn how to position it to your audience in a way that makes signing up with you a no-brainer. You’ll use the "Magic WAND Method” that will give you the exact angle and words to use so that your listeners connect with your offer and rush to get in.

Module 4 - Signature Selling Systems

Simplify your launches and surpass your sales goals with the "One Thing Formula" because growing your profitable business is MATH, not magic.

How you show up matters.  You'll learn how to converse with 3 types of signature content scripts (Hard Sell, Soft Sell, No Sell) to inspire your audience to take action.  You'll get the exact step-by-step structure to follow so you know what to put in and what to keep out.

You'll learn how to share your signature stories, create easy to use frameworks to sell your ideas and master the art of connection so you can speak confidently, spur engagement and increase conversions with your content whether it be on your social media profile, a webinar or on stage.


Phase 3: AMPLIFY (Sales)

Module 5 - Scale Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Scaling is about focusing on a do-less better business model and building it so that you can make your income leverageable and sustainable.  Learn how to grow in a way that doesn't compromise quality or sacrifice the life you want to live. 

Learn how to use the "3 C's Freedom Funnel" to inspire your audience to take action even when you're not in LIVE launch mode walking them from "cold to sold" making money in your sleep.  #PassiveIncome

2 - Weekly Growth Coaching

Tap into the power of support and accountability with weekly LIVE coaching check-ins where you'll also receive feedback, insider tips, tricks and more.

3 - Community

Connect, network, collaborate, feel supported and be held accountable in a private group setting (which is more like a sisterhood) with other motivated, action-taking experts, coaches, consultants and course creators

We are #StrongerTogether #SisterhoodStrong


Because, when you make the shift from doing #AllTheThings.. 

to following a simple, proven #ShowUpBlowUp social media strategy...

your business (and life) will thrive (over barely survive)... And you'll turn your calling into your career...


If you're ready for massive growth, Magnetic Marketer will give you a step-by-step formula to craft content in a way that actually connects with your audience and converts them into clients (without feeling “pushy” or “sales-y”)

You're just one decision away from a totally different life and business.

As Nelson Mandela said, "May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears."

If you're ready to make your purpose bigger than your fears, join us inside Magnetic Marketer.


You've come too far and fought too hard to let your dreams die inside of you!


Billed Quarterly


  • Magnetic Marketer  #ShowUpBlowUp Framework
  • Weekly LIVE Growth & Accountability Calls
  • Private FB Group Community


Billed Yearly


  • Magnetic Marketer  #ShowUpBlowUp Framework
  • Weekly LIVE Growth & Accountability Calls
  • Private FB Group Community

Pay Year In Full BONUS:

  1. Save $200 (Regularly $1,188)



Who is Magnetic Marketer for?

Magnetic Marketer was designed for experts, coaches, course creators, and consultants who want to use social media to sell their genius in a way that is simpler and more profitable .  And yes, this is also for you if you are a "coach" with a direct sales company. As a top 1% network marketer in the past myself, I have a lot of gratitude for a business in a box opportunity helping me get my start online.


What makes Magnetic Marketer different?  I have invested before and actually currently have 5 other courses sitting on my computer… So why is Magnetic Marketer exactly what I need to grow my business?

Magnetic Marketer is not just another course or even another membership group.  It is MUCH MORE and MUCH LESS.  Yes, I meant to say much less.  Hear me out....  

We know that you are overwhelmed with ideas, content, courses and info that all promises success but what you are lacking, is a simple system that tells you where to start, what to do next and then how to plan for the future of your business by doing less better.  

We give you a clear outline (Hello 1 Thing Formula) and specific skills to get you from where you are now to where you want to be and you’ll never be alone!  PLUS - It’s the focus, accountability, guidance and support you have been craving with a whole bunch of fun with other motivated, action-taking business owners like yourself.

Magnetic Marketer gives you everything you need and leaves out everything you don't when it comes to standing out and selling out on social media (without overwhelm or being pushy).

 You get immediate access and quick success!


I have been in business for years.  Is this just for newbies?

Not at all.  Entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster - feeling like you’ve got all figured out one minute and then you get whacked with a whole new set of problems the next minute.  The unknown is a staple in entrepreneurship but Magnetic Marketer is here to help you recover quicker and grow stronger through each struggle and then scale.

And if you’re a newbie - well then, you’ll love the simple step-by-step system we share to get you started right and bypass a lot of the growing pains.


My life is crazy right now... Should I wait till a better time? 

As a certified coach, I always say it's my job to tell you the things you don't want to hear.... So... Here it is.... There will never be a better time to start than NOW.  You will never feel ready.  It will always be a big investment.  So either go for it or don't. 

Some of our most successful clients are the ones who went ALL-IN despite their fears, swimming in debt, working 9-5, moving, in the middle of a divorce, or with babies on their hip, etc....

Magnetic Marketer is designed to allow you to go through at your own pace so you can always be moving your life and business forward on your terms.


What if I can't afford it?... I have a lot of debt to pay back.

I get it... I (and most of our students) never had extra money just laying around either.  The truth is, when you choose to invest in Magnetic Marketer, you're choosing to no longer allow your facts to become your excuses. You're deciding to stop wishing and waiting for the life of your dreams.  You're deciding to let go of the victim mentality becoming the hero or your story.

Right now, Magnetic Marketer is as cheap as it will ever be and we offer a payment option.  By joining, you're choosing to see Magnetic Marketer as an investment (not an expense) that your business and life can't flourish to new heights without.  The investment will never be easy or comfortable but when you make decisions as if failure isn't an option, everything changes for the good.  AND... It becomes easier for others to invest in you and your help confidently when you have invested in yourself.

Please feel free to direct any billing questions to [email protected]


What if I can’t attend the live coaching sessions?

Weekly support and accountability coaching check-ins are every Wednesday at 1pm EST.  Recordings will be available and archived in the private Facebook group and in our private members only Kajabi portal.


Are there refunds?

There are no refunds (because you get immediate full access into everything you need to stand out and sell out on social media simultaneously creating your dream business and life) so don't commit unless you're ready to see your dream life through.

What are you waiting for?...

MAGNETIC MARKETER will give you a detailed step-by-step roadmap to simplify social media so you can stand out as a leader in your industry, grow your following and turn those followers into dollars on autopilot!


50% There!

I know it sucks to miss out - but I've got your back sister!

Just drop you email here, and I will let you know as soon as the doors re-open!

*** There may even be (which means there will be) exclusive flash sales, bonus offers, and other goodies for you - but only if you join the wait list! ***