Mom of 5, Certified Life & Business Growth Strategist, Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Former 300 MPH Racecar Driver

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After a major career and life change left me feeling unfulfilled and wanting more -- more meaning, money and freedom in my life -- I fell in love with idea of starting my own online business and all the options it would afford me BUT it was freaking hard as heck to stand out.  I found myself hustling like crazy to make the impact and income I wanted which left me exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated.

I joke, but it's the truth, as a 17 year entrepreneur both on and offline, I've Cried More Tears Building My Business Than Raising My Babies which is why when I cracked the code of the 'Millionaire Mompreneur' by doing less better, I made it my mission to bring it to the world in ONE simple, high-impact, plug and play formula... and 'Millionaire Mompreneur'  Project was born.


As a sought after coach, consultant and speaker, Jessie commands an audience...


Her personal story is one of grit and resilience but her charismatic way of equipping others to believe in their ability to achieve their goals with a tangible action plan, is what sets her apart from most other motivational speakers.

Whether it be in person or virtual for an event, podcast, private group, blog or more, you can count on Jessie to meet your audience exactly where they're at guide them to designing a personal roadmap that will catapult growth quicker and easier.



Preferred Topics To Speak On:


  • How to go from the best kept secret to the go-to leader in your industry

  • The power of building a personal brand

  • How to be a rockstar mom & business owner simultaneously

  • How to kickstart cashflow ($1k or more) in 5 days (or less)

  • How to do less and achieve more 

  • How to stand out online, simplify your launches and sell out your programs

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