Day in and out, I get asked...

"Jessie... How the hell do you do it all?"

I promise, I don't have magical powers.

For the first time ever, I'm doing a two week coaching intensive where I'll give you a behind the scenes look into the systems I use to create and run my amazing life and business while being a home-schooling mom of 5 who is going through an aggressive cancer journey with my husband.


I get tons of questions like these wanting to know what I do every day to have a Million Dollar life and business...


"How did you go from being a normal mom with a dream to a 7-figure Millionaire Mompreneur?"

"How do you run two businesses while homeschooling 4 (of your 5) kids?"

"I just don't get how you work less than part time hours with your kids by your side."


If you've ever thought something like this, you're not alone.  AND... I didn't always believe this was possible either. WHICH IS WHY, I'm pulling back the curtain and not just showing you HOW it's possible but giving you the tools to make it possible for you too!


The surprising truth is that I am successful because...

I've failed more than most!

Before I became a Millionaire Mompreneur living the life of my dreams with more meaning, money and freedom in it, I thought that the way to success was through hustle and grind, sacrificing myself and the people and things that meant most to me.

So that struggle that you're having...

Wondering if YOU can do it all and have it all..

Wondering if you just stick with it a little longer, if it'll pay off...

Wondering why you aren't getting the results you want when you're working so damn hard...

Wondering what others have who are seeing success that you don't...

I SEE YOU and know EXACTLY how you feel!


When I learned that the secret to success wasn't in doing MORE but in doing less better, everything changed for me...

WHICH IS WHY I'm so OBSESSED with helping motivated mamas skip all those failures, learn from my education and experiences, get on the fast-track to success!


spend two weeks with me!

I'll show you how to turn your social media followers into DOLLARS in a way that works FOR you, not the other way around.


I'll break down the two things every Million and Billion dollar brand needs to stand out online.  Plus I'll show you how to position yourself and your offer as THE go-to leader in your industry.  I'll even share with you one of my epic Million dollar FLOPS.


When it comes to marketing your offer, there is an art to doing it in a way thats magnetic and that doesn't leave you burnt out.  I'll show you how to make your efforts match your results even if you're not actively in "cart open" phase. Hello #SleepSales.


Driving sales with your offer is easy when you dream big but start small.  I'll walk you through how to set attainable goals and then give you a killer action plan to grow a profitable and sustainable business that you can scale beyond your wildest dreams.


You'll actually join me and my husband for an exclusive chat about how we truly live a Million Dollar Life without the hustle and grind.  We'll even give you our top tips to how we've rose above every obstacle we've encountered in life and business THRIVING over surviving.  Believe me - they've been doozies!


They exist at every level.  They say bigger kids, bigger problems.  Well, the same thing goes in business - bigger business, bigger problems.  I'll break down you for you the #1 way I use my crash and burns to come back stronger and get me in the fast-lane to success.

LIVE Coaching/Q&A

In week 2, we will have LIVE group coaching calls every day where you can ask all your questions, get hot-seat coaching, and apply all the information from Week 1 to your unique business needs and goals! #MillionaireMompreneur  status here YOU come!

Can't make it LIVE?  No problem!  The replays will be available to view inside the Facebook group (until the group closes) and then in a private portal on my website so you can access them forever.

Why am I doing this?


Because when I first got into online entrepreneurship, I thought having a dream and hard work ethic was enough to make it big right out of the gate. 

But instead, I failed time and time again for two years spending more money than I made and fell into a vicious cycle of imposter syndrome.

I cried more tears raising my businesses than my babies and then felt guilty for wanting to invest money into someone showing me the way.

I know that means that you too struggle with:

- feeling good enough

- what other people think

- investing money for help

- wondering if you can actually commit

- probably about a thousand other excuses....

I'm as transparent and REAL as they get which is why I'm not afraid to tell you all that and why I'll also tell you....

Not only do I have 17 years experience as an entrepreneur building both on and off-line business to the tune of 6, multi-6 and 7-figures but I also have several certifications as a life and business growth coach specializing in marketing!

Oh and... I've spent many years and over $100,000 being mentored by the greats in entrepreneurship so I can bring to you the most up to date marketing secrets that will help you stand out online and make more sales.





Are you ready to become a Million Dollar MAMA and turn your social media followers into DOLLARS in a way that helps you live a life more in tune with your dreams?


One Time Payment


(Total Value $1,997)

  • Private Facebook group
  • 5 LIVE coaching/training sessions with me on Million $ branding, marketing, sales and life systems (in week 1)
  • 5 LIVE Q&A/hot-seat coaching office hours (in week 2)
  • Lifetime access to the recordings