Imagine knowing exactly how to show up on social media in a way that really stands out and catches people's attention...


Imagine knowing how to do it in as little as one hour per day... #NapTimeHustle

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With the 'How to Monetize an Instagram Account' Playbook and make your results match your efforts so you can cash in on all your hard work!

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In this instant PDF download, I will share with you in detail the 4 foundational steps that took me from zero to 5, then 6, and now 7 figures SO YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


  • 1 LIVE group coaching session
  • How to Create 30 Days of (High-Converting) Content in 30 Minutes Guide
  • IG #ReelsToRiches Guide (because I grew my following by 8,000 followers in 1 week from 1 viral IG Reel)
  • 50 IG Stories Ideas PDF (because that's where you can turn followers into dollars fast)

Making money online doesn't have to be as hard as you're making it....

And, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars to learn Million Dollar Secrets that you can apply in your own business.

Hi, I'm Jessie -aka- the 'Millionaire Mompreneur' Maker!

I created this playbook because there are two things I wish I learned sooner when trying to build my brand and bank account on Instagram:

  • Stop thinking fancy marketers who promise big results on the others side of their big price point, in-depth coaching packages are what one needs to be successful.
  • Stop hoping, wishing and praying to magically figure it out on your own.

That being said:

  • I'm all about simple and high-impact marketing and sales systems. #MomLife
  • There is no shame in getting a mentor who's a little bit ahead of you to show you the way.  (In fact, I highly suggest it and wish I did it sooner.)

If you're here, reading this, I know you're desperately looking to make money making moves on Instagram by following a do-less better, fool-proof formula.

I got you!

That's exactly what this e-book is.... The motivated mompreneurs guide to get on the fast-track to building a profitable and sustainable business that works FOR you, rather than the other way around.

In this straight-to-the-point, no-fluff e-book, I tell you how I make money while I sleep and only "work" an average of 10 hours per week. Plus I break down how I:


  • Went from feeling lost and unfulfilled just going through the motions in life... to being my own boss with more meaning, money and freedom in my life where the sky is the limit

  • Turned my financial anxiety, stress and fear into motivation to go after the life I’ve always wanted (my story isn’t what you’d expect)

  • Built a brand from nothing, with nothing that generates consistent cash flow  (YES, it is absolutely possible) 

  • Gained insight into ALL the ways both branded IG accounts and business accounts make money off their pages (spoiler alert: it may shock you)

  • Effectively manage my account where I’m able to work less but make more (because that’s the dream, right?)

  • Monetized my social media profile with greater success than most 1:1 high-ticket sales coaches and “instagram influencers” who have to sponsor products and talk behind a cameral all day (& learn why you don’t have to do that, either)

  • Stand out on-line as a go-to leader in my industry attracting new engaged followers daily (I mean I'm giving you the exact formula)

  • Started making money online even with a tiny audience
  • And all the other questions, secrets, & tips that I'm always being asked in my DM’s


I get asked all the time why I spend my time inspiring women (and men) on IG when I have 5 kids (I'm homeschooling), 2 dogs and a husband with cancer to take care of...


The answer is simple...because it's allowed me to turn my passion into purpose (and profit) so I can work from home, my phone, or anywhere and make more money while I sleep than I used to in a day.

Let me fill you in on a little secret - the “risk” was 100% worth it. 

Are you ready to finally live the life you’ve always wanted by turning your idea into income on Instagram?

My life has completely changed because of what I am sharing in this e-book and I want to change yours too.

#MillionaireMompreneur status, here YOU come!

Thank you so much for your trust and support!

My family and I appreciate it more than you know!