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Step Into The WIN Circle (for as little as $1/day) and join the sisterhood of female entrepreneurs turning their dreams into reality!

Because... When you make the shift from #DoingAllTheThings to following a simple, proven strategy, your business will thrive (over barely survive), you will save your sanity and you'll become the #MillionaireMompreneur you are destined to be!

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Hey Sister, I'm Jessie!

The Creator & Host of the Women of Impact Network. 

This mastermind membership is something I knew I had to create because I've spent 17 years perfecting a simple, 6 step strategy to turn your vision into reality.

I created this membership to serve you in an impactful and affordable way by providing you with a simple road map to get you from struggling start-up to successful Mompreneur!

In short, I created the community I wished I had when I was starting out!

No more struggling to figure it all out by yourself.  Come join us - together we’ll make this your most successful year yet.

I can't wait to see you in there!!

Xoxo, Jessie


Our membership community is currently open for enrollment and since you're reading this...

My guess is that you’re ready to learn more about how you can create more meaning, money and freedom in your life and business WITH LESS STRESS!

So read on…. All the juicy details are below! 

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As an entrepreneur, there is so much to learn... The Women of Impact Network is your one-stop shop for:

  • Simple, high-impact business strategy to get you from where you are now to where you want to be with the WIN Circle's exclusive 6 stage success path.
  • Access to a library of all the strategies and guest trainings you need to be a successful business owner (without paying thousands of dollars).
  • A community of like-minded women so that you don't have to go it alone - get better results, faster, with less frustration by leaning on peer support.
  • Live support with Q&A's, hot-seat coaching and member spotlights.

Here’s EXACTLY how we’ll help you achieve the results you want (and deserve) inside the W.I.N. Circle:

I'm Ready to JOIN NOW!

For $37/month you'll get access to: 

  • Instant access to the exclusive 'WIN Circle Success System' via member portal ($1,111.00 value)
  • Live monthly coaching session with Jessie
  • Live monthly Q&A
  • Monthly Guest niche expert training to explode your business knowledge on a variety of topics (Pinterest, Facebook Ads, Copywriting, Marketing, Mindset, Branding and MORE!) so that you can gain the clarity and confidence to truly grow a thriving business.
  • Private Facebook community
  • Access to yearly members only party (Pay it forward fund raising event)
  • ***When you join as a VIP 'WIN Sister' (Pay $365 for year in full) You will also get access to EXCLUSIVE BONUSES & DISCOUNTS!


Check Out Some Of Our Guest Experts!!

Rachel Ngom

is a Pinterest marketing strategist for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who are sick of struggling on Facebook & Instagram and want to automate their traffic and get more leads on autopilot.

Stu Mclaren

is a membership site wizard who helps experts in all niches transform their knowledge and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling 7 and 8-figure membership sites.

Jill Stanton

is the co-founder of "Screw The Nine to Five" where she and her husband teach entrepreneurs how they give away all their content for free by generating massive income through affiliate marketing only.

Marisa Corcoran

 is a copywriter and copy coach for course creators, coaches, and creatives. She’s helped 100+ entrepreneurs unleash their voice and write words that sell.

There are TWO Ways to Join the W.I.N. Circle!

Choose which option is the best for you to invest in your business!




  • Immediate access to the 'WIN Circle Success System' ($1,111.00 value)
  • Monthly coach training with Jessie
  • Monthly guest expert niche training
  • Monthly goal setting workshop
  • 2 monthly LIVE Q&A's
  • Private member's portal
  • Private FB group
  • Member events




  • Yearly premium access to the WIN Circle (All of what is included in the standard membership plus what's below!)
  • Get over 2 months FREE        (Save $74)
  • Discounts on merchandise, events and coaching add-ons
  • Monthly hot-seat coaching and member spotlight opportunities
  • Exclusive welcome gift

Alone, we are strong but together, we are UNSTOPPABLE.

Stop Going It Alone...

The Women of Impact Network was built BY female entrepreneurs FOR female entrepreneurs.

We are so much more than just another course...

Success isn't just about WHAT you know, it's about WHO you know!

We are all about collaboration inside the WIN Circle.

Yes, you'll get instant access to the 'Win Circle Success System' and guest expert trainings.  But when you couple that with support, accountability, connections and community, you get friendships to last a lifetime and you just might find your next guest for your podcast or blog or connect with your next business partner! 

Never underestimate the collective problem-solving, motivational and inspirational force of a group, especially a group of determined and like-minded women!



"Jessie always says, "YOU are one decision away from a totally different life"...  That decision for me was deciding to work with Jessie!" 

- Jennifer

"Jessie has completely changed the way I operate my business and helped me generate income in the first 30 days of working with her when I couldn't for over a year."

- Landyn

"I'm blown away.  Jessie is a wealth of knowledge but doesn't give cookie cutter answers.  She meets you where you are at and really makes sure you learn for yourself"

- Sarah

"Jessie walked me through the process of planning my entire year so I can enjoy what I do and not see it as a chore to keep up with."

- Taylor



Do any of these things apply to you?

  • You get a great idea but not too long after you start to work on it, self doubt creeps in and everything stops?
  • You just don’t know how you could ever create success like others do?
  • You lack clarity and confidence but know if you had it, you’d be able to increase your clients and cashflow?
  • You aren’t supported by family and friends because they just don’t get it?
  • You just can’t grow your audience but know that it’s the one thing that could jump start your business?
  • You feel so alone on this journey and know you need some biz bestie to walk this path with?
  • You’ve downloaded every free plan and how-to guide and paid for tons of promising success secrets but none of them apply to you or your business?
  • You don’t have the finances to go all in and leave your current situation to grow your business?


…. Well then, I have great news for you…

Every single one of those things can be fixed and YOU CAN take this place you are in right now and create success beyond your wildest dreams.

The W.I.N. Circle is the missing link...  The fast lane to YOUR 6-Figure business dreams.

Whether your business is just an idea, you’re wanting to re-build, evolve, grow or expand your empire, the W.I.N. Circle is here to support you through the highs and the lows.

A “one size fits all” strategy won’t create success in your business - We as women are unique and your business, your situation, your style and approach are completely different from another which is exactly why the ‘Women of Impact Network’ was created to be tailored to you and your needs.



Understanding your passion and purpose and having full clarity and direction to a profitable business.

Understanding who your audience is, how to serve them best and getting your message in front of them so they can fully engage with you and your brand.

Get out of feeling stuck and having a step by step plan to achieve the success you desire.  And when you hit a roadblock, instead of feeling alone - feeling supported and find the solution you need.

Setting financial goals and surpassing them only to realize as a successful entrepreneur, you have limitless income potential if you put in the work to get where you want to go.  And then being encouraged and supported to dream bigger.

Being the go-to leader in your space with hundreds, thousands or millions of customers, clients or followers trusting you and thanking you for helping them with exactly what they wanted and needed to improve their lives.

Having confidence in yourself greater than you’ve ever imagined and standing in your power to go get everything you dream because you are deserving and worthy.

Having the luxury of freedom in your finances and schedule to choose to live as you desire, take vacations, pay off debt, work from home or anywhere in the world.

Feeling more happy and energized than ever having the tools and support you need to revolutionize your life and business.


Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Where could you be a year from today if you had access to the right training and support to help you thrive?

Building the business of your dreams is simply about taking the right next steps, learning the right strategies and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Think about it.... for $1.23 a day, you can't even buy a coffee BUT YOU CAN invest in creating more meaning, money, success and freedom in your life with your business.

The WIN Circle will be the "one-thing' that finally changes everything!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Women Impact Network is not just another course or even another membership group.  It is MUCH MORE and MUCH LESS.  Yes, I meant to say much less.  Hear me out....  

We know that you are overwhelmed with ideas, content, courses and info that all promises success but what you are lacking is a simple system that tells you where to start, what to do next and then how to plan for the future of your business.  

We give you a clear outline and specific skills to get you from where you are now to where you want to be and you’ll never be alone!  It’s the focus, accountability, guidance and support you have been craving with a whole bunch of fun with other motivated mama like yourself to go along with it.

It is currently $37/month or if you pay the year in full, you’ll get over two months free and pay just $365 (that’s just $1/day)!

Not at all.  Entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster - feeling like you’ve got all figured out one minute and then you get whacked with a whole new set of problems the next minute.  The unknown is a staple in entrepreneurship but the Women of Impact Network is here to help lessen the blows, help you recover quicker and grow stronger through each struggle.  

And if you’re a newbie - well then, you’ll love the simple step by step system we share to get you started right and bypass a lot of the growing pains. 

We welcome members from countless different countries and industries and have a diverse range of entrepreneurs  - We can help you all! 

Recordings will be available and archived in the closed Facebook group, The Women of Impact Network and in our private members only Kajabi portal.

Yes, all coaching sessions, guest trainings and Q&A’s are every Tuesday at 11am EST.

Please direct any billing questions to [email protected]

You may cancel your subscription to the Women of Impact Network anytime by logging into your Kajabi account. This cancelation must take place 24 hours before your scheduled billing date. If charged after your billing cycle is processed, refunds will not be issued. Once cancelled, your founding-member price will not be accessable again. You may join at the next open window for the price of the subscription on that date.


50% There!

I know it sucks to miss out - but I've got your back sister!

Just drop you email here, and I will let you know as soon as the doors re-open!

(There may even be exclusive flash sales, bonus offers, and other goodies for you if you join the wait list!)